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How to Design a Successful Web App Walkthrough

Each one of us has interacted with at least a single web app walkthrough at some or the other point. Some of us actually require and enjoy these walkthroughs whereas most of us simply skip them. So, how can the web startups decide whether their applications require a guide or how to they design a successful web app walkthrough that captivates the users?

Does Your Web App Require a Walkthrough?

Before actually designing a guide the first question that arises is does your web app requires it? This is one of the most basic questions one must think upon because we have come across several applications that should have walkthrough but don’t and some that have them but shouldn’t. > Like if you consider example of some food ordering web app or some top listing blog, then eventually you need to take care of web app walkthrough. So understanding this question will actually help you save or spend some money on designing the guide to your web app.

Considering the Design

Companies often spend some quality time in designing their web applications. However, when it comes to walkthroughs, they are quite skeptical in investing further more time designing it.

A walkthrough though designed after the web app, becomes the face and the introduction of your entire application. Hence, a poor designed guide can give your users a bad experience and create a negative review about your application. So, if your web app is going to have a walkthrough, make sure that it’s designed in sync with your application and gives user an amazing experience.

Use of Animation and Graphics

Create an aura with some good animation and graphics that would engage your users and explain all the functionalities of your web app. Often the use of good images helps in holding down the users to use and learn more about the application. Moreover, the walkthrough that animates and jumps from one slide to another gives a wonderful experience and also looks well thought out.

Making Walkthroughs Interactive

The walkthroughs are supposed to teach the users all the functionalities of the application and thus are expected to be interactive. One of the best ways to make your application guides interactive is by pursuing people to use it. Give the users a small tutorial that will first teach them the use of the app and then make them use it on the walkthrough itself. If done correctly, the interactive walkthroughs can get people excited about using your application.

Giving an Opportunity to Skip

Not all users like to get trained on something and most prefer to try out the features all by themselves. Considering such users your walkthrough must have an easy skip option that will help them skip the guide and transfer them to the application dashboard. You can even make these skip options look creative by offering buttons with a smart copy or a simple ‘X’ button on the top right corner of the app. Many a times a smart copy on the buttons like ‘I’m Smart! Take me to the Application’, does its charm and makes the users use the walkthrough.

Hope the above points clear all your doubts on how to design a successful web app walkthrough. Considering these factors before designing your application guide will help you make it more worthy, interactive and user friendly.
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Housing.com – The Best Way to Find Your Dream Home Online

Gone are days when you had to approach brokers in order to get an apartment or villas in a region, to which you are moving. In this world of internet, internet itself has awesome solutions for you for almost every task. And, that list of tasks includes finding your dream home as well! Wait before you head to somewhere else – we are not here to have a usual talk about such real estate listing websites, which often prove to be insufficient & utterly useless! Rather, we are going to have a review of a revolutionary platform for house hunting – Housing.com, one of the superb start-ups from India. In this review, we will give you an introduction about Housing.com, how actually becomes revolutionary, and our opinion about this template-breaking venture by IIT Alumni.

housing.com real estate portal

What is actually meant by Housing.com?

As we said, Housing.com is the brand new way of finding your way to dream home you are looking for! In a way, this website helps users find apartments, villas, hostels, Paying Guest vacancies, plots, etc that are available for purchase or rent. For the time being, service of Housing.com is available in 26 major cities of India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. However, Housing.com does not simply list out information regarding real estate deals in a specific region but it offers plethora of features. Indeed, those features are what make Housing.com a revolutionary platform when it comes to online real estate portals of World Wide Web. However, to understand things in a better way, we’ll have a look on, how a user can make use of Housing.com to find the BEST home.

Finding your Dream Home through Housing.com

Well, suppose you are a house for rent in Bangalore, and want to find the best choice that suits your budget! You’ve to follow some simple steps when you are using Housing.com to do so. First, you have to select Bangalore from that thumbnail set of cities shown in home page of Housing.com. In the upcoming page, you can see a search engine. For moving on with your search, you have to select what you are looking for. For the time being, we have to select ‘Rent’ and type the region, in which you want to find apartments or houses that are available for rent. Hit enter and wait a few seconds for Housing.com to bring you the best results. And, from here, you know how different Housing.com is.

Noticeable Features of Housing.com

featured of housing.com

Verified Listings – A Golden Feather of Credibility

One of the major problems of list-based real estate deals website is lack of credibility of given information. You’ll get interested in a deal you find, contact the corresponding person, and find out that the property has already been sold out. However, through Housing.com, you will not have such an issue, because there is a verification feature in it that ensures credibility of information displayed in site. Staff from Housing.com will visit each listing and confirm that the property has all sorts of offered services and features. Thus, if you see a ‘Verified’ sign with listing you are interested, do not think twice, but contact the property owner to start your way to dream home.

Map & Grid Based View

Rather than showing results in a list, you have an option to view matching deals inside a map so that you will be able to know more about that apartment, hostel or villa as well as its surroundings. Otherwise, you can see results as grid as well. In both cases, however, you can get more information about that particular listing by clicking on it. Indeed, this variety of choices is a noticeable advantage to the simple UI of Housing.com. In both options, you can get a brief idea about listings in the first glance itself.

Filters that you’d love to Use

Unlike rest of portals, variety of filters has been made available in Housing.com to make the selection process easy. For instance, if you are looking for a flat for rent, you can set filters based on furnishing, lease type, facilities such as Parking, Lift, flat facilities, number of bed rooms etc, along with price range. In addition, ‘Subscribe’ feature of site is quite helpful if you cannot find the appropriate deal right now. You can post requirements and you will be notified, when there is a deal matching those requirements. So with this amazing filters, Housing.com is one of the best real estate portal present on World Wide Web currently.

Bottom Line

While recalling above mentioned features, one can hardly say a ‘NO’ towards Housing.com, because of its innovative yet effective way of helping users find their dream homes. Especially, we liked the ‘Verifying’ feature of Housing.com that helps users to be less confused about that deal. Altogether, Housing.com undoubtedly becomes tomorrow’s way of finding homes!

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Re-branding

Your business should have definitely evolved ever since its inception thus opening up new agendas and goals to accomplish. Today, no business can afford to rest on its laurels and keep expecting things to be the same. Competition has been increasing multiple folds every passing day. So, how are you keeping up with your brand engagement? What is rebranding? Are there any top reasons why your company needs rebranding?

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy where your business receives a new name along with a new look. This strategy then includes a radical change in brand name, logo, advertising concepts and marketing strategies.

Rebranding is usually done to move your brand upmarket, launch your business amongst well acclaimed competitors, and communicate a new message that would trigger your potential audiences according to the board of directors and marketing experts.

However, businesses need to understand that rebranding does not always work and one must know when to trigger this marketing strategy to get its fullest. Usually, rebranding includes huge investment and if the things get wrong, million more need to be spent to get it to square one. So, how would you decide whether there are reasons your company needs rebranding?

Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs Rebranding

There are several reasons why your business needs a corporate rebranding. Below are some of the most common amongst them:
  • Rebranding in order to respond to internal or external issues
  • Stay updated and ahead of the competitors
  • A marketing strategy to hide any negative connotations from the past
  • Generate future economic benefits
Apart from these there are numerous other factors that need to be considered before triggering corporate rebranding. Let’s see a few of them below:

#1 Competitive Advantage

Your brand acts as the face of your business. A well planned and manages corporate rebranding can allow your business to gain competitive advantage, reflect current market dynamics and accelerate performance thus becoming a leading voice in your industry.

With proper rebranding for your business you get competitive advantage in sidestepping the competition and increase your market share.

#2 Stimulate Growth

The corporate rebranding can help you stimulate growth of your business by effectively targeting the current customer demands. Your business portfolio might be complex at present and would be engaging fragmented audiences. Thus, an effective rebranding campaign can help you improve your impact in a competitive market.

#3 Long-term Market Expansion

Rebranding is providing the public with an expression of company’s evolution. If your business has evolved over a certain period, it’s time to rebrand it and reflect a larger and more sophisticated picture of your business. If your business refrains from branding itself, it’s curbing down the possibilities of long term market expansion.

#4 Introducing Innovation

Technological innovation and business are two inseparable parameters of a company. Just as your business’s brand must reflect changes in size and market position, it must also reflect changes in technological innovation. Thus, any brand associated with technology must keep pace within its sector and consider corporate rebranding to reflect changing trends.

#5 Your Brand Had Become Bore

Even if your last branding for super cool, it’s time you need a rebranding. Competition in each and every industry has increased upto several folds past a decade. If your competitor has recently triggered an overwhelming rebranding of their business which is something super cool, it’s obvious that your brand becomes bore in near future.

So what? Should you rebrand your business each time some competitor rebrands themselves? Hell No! But ensure when you trigger a rebranding campaign, it’s the best in your industry and cannot get bore very soon. Come up with some authentic theme, apply some creativity, create a story line that will delight people.

#6 Global Acquisition

Global acquisition is a yet another reason for corporate rebranding. Many times it happens that a brand name or logo is set to be something regional during its inception. However, with evolving time and business you brand is all set for an international recognition. However, you brand name and logo might conjure some wrong associations. Thus, your business a global corporate branding if it’s all set to go international.

#7 Reputation

If your business has demoralized or generated bad reputation amongst the customers, rebranding is one of the best options to get your business back to normal. Such corporate rebranding helps in washing off your bad reputation and starting off with a new image and marketing strategies.

Hope the above points give you ample reasons why your company needs rebranding. Corporate rebranding if done in a proper way can take your business to new level of success. However, if not done appropriately it can land you again at square zero that too with a huge chunk of investment.

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Why Good Web Hosting Makes Huge Difference For Your SERP Ranking?

Web hosting remains one of the prime aspects for your website’s SERP ranking. A good web hosting is amalgamated from several important characteristics like uptime, bandwidth, server downtime, server location, etc. All these constraints are also important from SEO point of view. Hence, a good web hosting makes huge difference for your SERP ranking.

Today, with the every expanding online marketing industry, the Internet marketers tend to choose best hosting plans that offer them cost effective, fast, reliable, round-the-clock security, unlimited bandwidth, maximum server space and much more just because creating website is becoming simple. These marketers know that a bad host can’t just cause their website a serious problem but will also hamper their business to a greater extend.

Thus, selecting an appropriate hosting provider has become one of the most important tasks in the Internet marketing industry. Marketers must ensure to consider several factors that are significant for their SEO practices and SERP positions.

However, it does not mean that selecting a good web host will immediately help you in getting yourself ranked in the search engines. A good web hosting will just ensure you a good performing website which directly or indirectly relates to the SEO procedures you been doing for SERP rankings.
Let’s now see why a good web hosting makes a huge difference for your SERP ranking.

Web Server Downtime

Server downtime is one of the major issues you face while hosting your website on a bad host. Frequent server downs affect your website to a greater extent. Consider your server is down and the search engine bots are unable to search your website. These bots will just move on and would give a negative rating to your website.

Web server downs also increases the bounce rate of your website which in turn decreases your website’s authority. These overall negative ratings will then affect your SEO performance and even get you a low SERP ranking. Hence, one must go with a provider who offers you with the best server uptime.

Page Load Time

One must understand the equation, “Higher the load time, higher is the bounce rate”. Your website's page load time is one of the major concerns that affect your SERP rankings. According to a survey performed, almost 50% of the visitors want the websites to be opened within 2 seconds. Hence, if your website takes more than 2 seconds or for that matter 7 seconds (which is considered a median value), you are at a negative end.

Page Load Score Explained by Matt Cutts

However, it’s not always the server speed that decides your website’s page load time. You must also ensure that your website content and design are well optimized. Once you have an optimized website, check on your server speed to avoid any page load time issues.

Shared Hosting

I had always a negative intuition for shared hosting. Would you like sharing you home space with a stranger? If no, then why share your hosting space?

Shared hosting have their own set of disadvantages however let’s consider only those that affect your SERP rankings. Google follows the concept of “Bad Neighborhood” and often gives less preference to the websites that are hosted on a single IP address. You can use Bluehost coupon codes from Bluehostcouponsplace.com for huge discount on shared web hosting.

Server Location

Server location is yet another important constraint when it comes to web hosting and SERP rankings. The Geo-targeting feature of the Google Webmaster tools helps you to target your valued customers anywhere in the world. To give the best results, search engines often target the servers to provide you with the location based results. For example: You will get different results for a same keyword if you search in google.com and google.fr.

Hope the above points help you understand why good web hosting makes huge difference for your SERP rankings. Ensure you look into all these factors before selecting your hosing provider.

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Journey of Football World Cup Posters

FIFA Worldcup 2014 has started and everyone is so excited to see it. We have gathered some information regarding journey of Football worldcup posters and presented them here. Most of them are quite famous across the globe and people are crazy for the same. FIFA worldcup is getting much popular through such collection of pics which represents it amazingly. If you have any such pic in mind, then feel free to send us, we'd be glad to publish it on our blog.

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30 Simple And Graceful Rangoli Designs for festive season

Creative rangoli design has always been a cherry on the icing for girls’. This design could be delicate & graceful as well as tedious & time taking at the same time. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t pay any heed to our beauty. In India, Rangoli has its own place in decoration at the auspicious occasions such as marriage or religious programs. The colors add further embellishment to these rangoli designs. It holds a unique status in our society…as an art & as religious symbol.
Rangoli is the powder made of a special stone. Generally rangoli is white in color. But with various dyes, one can have many colors to make beautiful rangoli designs. With various types of drawing rangoli, such as free hand rangoli design, Dots Rangoli Design, Flower Rangoli Design, one can have millions of rangoli designs. It’s evolution as an modern art has come a long way. Be it simple traditional rangoli design or a modern one with the accessories to embellish it Such as glitter, rangoli design always takes your mind to the world of colors.
So are we ready to spread color splashes of rangoli designs?

rangoli designs

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