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Trillion Dollar Campaign

For protesting against Zimbabwe's record braking hyperinflation in October 2008, The Trillion Dollar Campaign was launched in 2009 for promoting newspaper The Zimbabwean as well as increasing awareness of the total collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar.
 Instead of explaining problems faced by the newspaper creative team of TBWA Hunt Lascaris associated campaign with country’s collapse, the worthless currency. The outdoor campaign was designed by throwing away trillion dollar notes with the message.

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Large murals composed of hundred or thousands of banknotes were pasted on walls along streets with heavy foot falls and also billboards were purchased on highways. Messages such as "It's Cheaper To Print This On Money Than Paper" and "Thanks to Mugabe This Money Is Wallpaper" were printed on actual Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar bank notes. Value of these notes at that time was USD $5. Bundles of cash was mailed to media personalities. The contact details of "The Zimbabwean" were printed on bank notes and was attached to the posters wherever it was sold.