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15 Creative Washroom Advertising

In the battle of gaining market shares catching eyeballs is a must, so no front is left unmanned, no stone unturned, no washroom ignored… ..As private environment, it is an ideal medium for gender targeted advertising which allows you to convey more of intimate message. Studies show that people approve this kind of advertising. The key reason for acceptance of these advertisements is “No Distractions” as there is limited space and things to be done.

For advertisers Washroom advertising is efficient as it is less expensive. Based on that result, no wonder why washrooms are flooded with creative ads. In this post, we showcase some of best Creative Advertising found in Washroom. Get ready for today’s washroom exploration!!

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Toyota Prius: Pre-collision 

Tag line: The all-new Prius pre-collision system can detect a potential impact before you do.

Kleenex: Soap dispenser 

Tag line: “Got flu?
Washroom Ads

Georgia Max Coffee: Ski Toilets 

Washroom Ads

BodyIce Deodorant: Tap 

Tag line: under control.

Braun Style shaver: Mirror 

 Tag line: Don’t shave it. Style it!

Roxy Pool 

Tag line: Practice your shot now

Kleenex Flushable Wipes 

Tag line:Feel more at home wherever you go.

Comedy Central Toilet 

Arrive Alive: Take a seat 

Tag line: Take a seat and think about the consequences of drunk driving.


Tag line: A steady stream of talk and text (left). Unlimited text for squat.(right)

Dermagraphic Tattoo: Try Before You Buy 

Washroom Ads

Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale 

Tag line: When we say strong, beer, we mean it.

Washroom Ads

13th Street 

Washroom Ads