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Reaching out people with Guerrilla Marketing Posters

The key task while designing and implementing marketing campaign is to catch attention of people. Guerrilla marketing has perfected this technique by targeting consumers in unexpected ways and unconventional places. This once-fringe form of advertising has now been taken up even by large corporations. These 10 posters show just how powerful guerrilla marketing can be whatever the objective may be.Don't miss reading our previous posts on
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Restroom advertising
Water generating billboard

 Real Hip Hop’ Bus Stop Ad

A real eye catcher poster, a floating afro was placed at head-level behind bus stop seat, making it look like person seated there has quite an impressive head of hair.

Snuff Clothing Bloody Cleaver Poster

Anybody can tell cleavers doesn’t have anything to do with skiing? But Snuff – hardcore clothing brand for skiers tried to grab attention of people. The campaign theme was based on idea “death is only a matter of time”. Alrighty then, let’s go skiing!

Erotika Sex Shop Car Window Stickers

Erotika an Italian sex shop covered windows of a car with stickers showing people in rather suggestive poses. The car was kept right outside the door of the shop and also featured another sticker that said “Toys you can’t wait to use”.

Anti-Graffiti Bus Seat Poster

For some graffiti may be hobby which pleases, inspires them, but for the Australian Public Transport Authority it was headache due to people spray-painting graffiti on their buses and trains. So they targeted the ‘graffidiots’ with this ad campaign reminding would be vandals of their action.

Witness Against Torture Elevator Ad

Ad was designed for closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The awesome posters showcased blank set of elevator doors featuring two sets of fingers peeking out from the seam, as someone was trying to escape. Once inside the elevator you see the owner of those fingers: a man in a prison jumpsuit and leg-cuffs.

Get Up and Run Chair Posters

VIP Gym glued chairs in restaurant with images of flabby, cellulite-ridden butt. The idea was to give one uncomfortable feeling that you are looking way stranger and it’s time to run for gym

Feed SA Shopping Cart Posters

Feed SA, a South African charity is dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people. One would have to have heart of stone for avoiding being affected by images of poor, starving children sitting in bottom of shopping cart. Feed SA put decals in shopping carts which made it look like the food was delivered right into needy child’s hands.

Suicide Prevention Posters

So simple, yet so effective, the posters used white paper and silhouette cut-out of someone falling – with the negative space from the cutout appearing to save them.

Anti-Smoking Stick-Ons

Both tailpipe smoke and carcinogen clouds erupting from the mouth of a cigarette smoker are gross. An anti-smoking group equated the two by placing posters of people’s faces strategically placed at the end of tailpipes.

Where’s Your Child? Grim Drowning Awareness Campaign

An Australian safety initiative ‘Watch Around Water’ featuring motionless child’s poster hovering at bottom of pool placed underwater to make it look real.