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Stunning Big Images in Web Design

In year passed by we noticed growth of using big images in web design. Throughout the year we saw more and more big and beautiful images appearing in web designs. If you check out list of best web designs of 2012 you will notice the trend of using big images was quiet strong. In 2013 the trend continues shows a positive growth and also our belief that images add lot of personality and style to your design; we have showcased a list of of sites taking advantage of beautiful images.

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From big thumbnails to background photographs you can find everything here. Enjoy! We would love to hear your comments, suggestions for additions in comments section

Piction app

piction big image websites


Yoke big image website


Hello Media big image website

Fior Di Latte Gelato

Fior di Latte big image websites

Ghost Games

Ghost Games big image website


Evolve big image website

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Swedish Winter Seasons

Swedish Seaon big image website

Wright FeldHusen

Wright FeldHusen big image website


Fhoke big image website

Noe Araujo

Noe Araujo big image website

Premium Draught

Prmium Draught big image website

Concrete Matter

Concrete matter big image website

Helen Tsanos Sheinman

Helen Tsanos big image website

Get Going Today

Get Going Today big image website

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