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Why to use animated TV commercials

Businesses are moving towards using animation for their commercials . The increase in trend can be seen with every day passing by and their is good reason for it too. This article discusses some of popular reasons why marketers are doing that.If you aren't one of tech savvy folks, hopefully after reading this you will be thinking about using it.

1. Actors and models are required for 'Live' commercials, and scheduling can be hard if they are popular. Actors falling ill, going out of country or being busy with other assignments can be a problem.

2. Well known actors and models can be expensive to hire. Sometimes they can charge extra fee per location according to where the advert is shown.

3. Due to limitations of public image of an actor or model many concepts may not be fulfill-able.

4. Popularity of actors and models is prone to sudden change. They are also just humans susceptible to scandals which can easily cause a decrease in their popularity.

5. Animated characters on other hands don not suffer from above issues faced by Live TV commercials face. Popularity of animated charatcer can be timless,just look at Fido Dido, Zoo Zoo's!

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6. With animation you can do anything you set your mind to. One can achieve fantastic special effects which can be presented in surroundings which exists only in thoughts . There is no need to worry about the logistics and possibilities. You can go wild with imagination! You can go to heaven, dance on mars or make the sun go nova.

7. A cool commercial can be created by combining animation with live enivornment or actor Animation can be combined with live environments or actors. Just look at the cell phone ads combining special effects with live elements , they are saying a 'live-shot' commercial is boring thing of past.

8.Production cost is one of biggest marketing expenditure. You can cut down the cost by making animated commercials which are usually cheaper than ‘live’ adverts if you deal directly with the animation house and not through a third party like an advert agency. Production work is often sub contracted by advertising agencies to animation companies, who inturn conceptualize and create the advert. Advertising agencies charge a fat fee to you for animation company's trouble! So you can imagine how lower the cost of production may be without the intervention of an advertising agency,and in many cases more affordable than a ‘live’ advert.