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Radio station going on air from billboard

Outdoor advertising has certainly evolved over time. With companies adapting new technologies ,the static billboards are been replaced by Led based digital billboards. Companies and agencies are constantly thinking out of box to come up with advertisements that may attract eyeballs. Would you had ever seen 
" Water generating billboard"  "A surprising Bus Stop" if they had not adopted to technology.One such impressive billboard-cum-studio in Kolkata is catching eyeballs of local people.

To celebrate it's 10th anniversary Red FM had organised 10 consecutive concerts. As part of celebration campaign it has now put up a 20X10 billboard with the 8X6 booth in it for live radio shows between 5 pm hours and 9 pm hours, starting May 10.

The first of its kind studio-sum-billboard is put up at one of most popular youth hangout spot in city, camac street. The studio is soundproof ensuring noise free delivery of content. The radio station will air it's usual program "U-Turn" with RJ Praveen between 5-9 pm for 10 consecutive days,with several RJs as well as celebrities interacting with people.