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Your responsive web design: importance of HTML5 and CSS3

Here you will find out the importance of CSS3 and HTML5 when creating a responsive web design. You may also hear this being called a dynamic web design or a dynamic theme. Basically, it means that a website may adapt itself to the browser that it is being viewed by. Now, this does take a little bit more programming than your regular desktop website that is read by the Internet Explorer browser, but that is why HTML5 and CSS3 are so handy.

What are HTML5 and CSS3

HTML is a programming code and it is used to make website. Our web browsers interpret the HTML code and turn it into the websites that we see. The HTML5 code is the newest version of the HTML code.
CSS means Cascading Style Sheets and it is what a web designer uses to create the look and the formatting of the web page. In simple terms it is what separates written words on a document from the written machine language that makes up the web page. CSS3 is the most modern version of this process.

What is responsive web design?

You build a website that can be read by a desktop computer and it looks great. But then you go online via your mobile device and all of a sudden you experience problems. With a tablet device you will often discover that scrolling is more of a bother and that some of the elements on the page will either not load or will not work correctly.

With a Smartphone it is even worse. You will find the page hard to read unless you zoom it in, but then scrolling becomes a big problem. You will find that a lot of things do not work or load and you will have a hard time pressing the links because you either miss them or accidentally hit another by mistake.

Responsive web design

A responsive web design makes one website usable by all the devices. It will make it so that the elements that do not work on the mobile devices will either work or disappear, and it will make navigation a lot easier, usually by inserting buttons. You will also notice that the website will start to fit on the page.

HTML5 means videos can be watched

The Apple iOS has never allowed Flash videos to run on it without an app. For example, if you want to access YouTube via an Apple phone or mobile device, then you have to do it with an app. The Android browser is also planning on changing so that Flash videos cannot be watched. However, the HTML5 code allows you to place videos onto your website with ease. It is a lot easier to put videos on websites that Apple and Android mobile devices may use. This is making web programmers lives a lot easier and is making it so that we can watch videos on websites on all of our mobile devices (and not just some, and not just with apps).

CSS3 had made dynamic/responsive web pages possible

CSS is the major player in what makes a web page responsive, and CSS3 is what has made modular design easier. This has therefore made responsive design easier. The modern CSS3 is what allows a web page to display in a different way depending upon what device is being used to view it or what the screen size of the device is.

You can make your pages cleaner

Smaller code bundles do not mean cleaner code, but it does make cleaner code easier to produce, and this is a good thing when building a responsive website. This also makes the website a little easier to maintain and a little easier to build in a modular fashion, which is really helpful when the designer is trying to make the web design fit a number of different screen sizes.

With HTML5 you can have local storage

It can store information in the same way that a program may make cookies for a PC. This then makes loading a little easier, which is good because the mobile device you are using is probably going to be using mobile 3G Internet, which will need all the help it can get to improve loading times.

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This post is written by Kate Funk. She is a professional blogger and writer at www.english-educator.com. She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.


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