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Tricks in web-design: make your site stand out

The truth is that tricks are only really for people who are bad at web design. It is the same with all things in life. People who are not good at talking to the opposite sex, have to find tricks in order find a partner. A person who is a poor sales person has to use tricks to sell items. If you are a bad web designer, then your best trick would be to take lessons to become a better web designer. If you are a good web designer then your problem may stem from a number of things; consider the following tips.

It may be a lack of inspiration

Your website may simply not stand out because you are feeling uninspired. The fact is that you are given a white canvas that is restricted to the rules of set out by a computer. It is not as if you have a matt canvas and some paintbrushes; what you have is a white screen that you need to code things into. Do this too often and you may find that your designs are uninspired.

Recognize the fact that your designs are uninspired and make a pact with yourself to purposefully break the rules. Break the monotony and the routine and push yourself to try different things.

You may have fallen into a rut

When you design websites for a living, you will get a feel for doing the same thing over and over again. It is part of your process, and your process pushes you into a rut, where you keep doing the same things repeatedly.

You can break the rut by planning your designs, and changing your starting point. For example, why not start with where the affiliate adverts are going to go, or start with your sitemap design.

You may be taking online advice to seriously

Stop taking online advice (such as this) too seriously. Just because a site was updated yesterday, it does not mean that it holds information about the newest trends or the newest ideas. If anything, you should only take online advice with a pinch of salt.

Originality does not have to mean “different”

Your client asks you for an original website, this does not mean you need to start creating a website that is unlike any that has ever been created. Imagine that the website browser is a glass, and you are stood at a cocktail bar.

Mix up a cool mixture of alcohol--do not pour a bucket of sand into glass. Sure, it is different, but it is useless. Just create a website that is similar to all the others, but give it a bit of personal twist. That is all that is needed to make it original and to make it stand out.

Eye catching does not have to be loud

You can make your website stand out with the fact that it does its job and it does it well. Make it stand out by making it functional and smooth. Do not think that making a website loud with make it more eye catching. Ask yourself if “eye catching” is really what a website needs. After all, the user is looking right at the screen, so why does it have to stand out by being eye catching?

Lead the eye with your design elements

This is something that good shops use. You lead the eye, and you do it with the other elements on the website. Some people think that this means having arrows pointing at your most important element, or having the colors on the outside lighter and having them get stronger as they lead towards the most important element. But, that is the way that brainless chumps do it.

You need to lead the eye with things that the user is going to want to look at and read. Leading the eye is not a smooth motion. It stops and starts as it moves towards the most important element of the page. Think of it (metaphorically) as more of leading a small child with sweets in a line, which the child picks up and eats until he or she sees the big chocolate rabbit positioned under the net. That is what you need to do when you lead the eye on a website.

Simplicity will make your website stand out

Do you know the blandest thing about most websites? It’s the fact that they are cluttered up. If it were a poster then clutter would be new, but with websites, it seems that clutter is all they know. Cluttered websites are everywhere, so if you go the other way and create a website that is simple, then it will stand out. It seems to work well for Amazon, who probably have one of the most simple websites (and most popular) on the net at the moment.

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