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10 Sites with the Most Attractive Web Design

There are some very good looking websites out there where you can tell that the design is the result of a creative web designer and not of a CMS platform. The websites listed here are not in any particular order. If you do look them up then you will see that they are good adverts for purchasing the services of a web designer.

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1 - Insightsmena.com

This is a fairly minimalist site that has a number of circles in the center. The larger circle in the center is surrounded by smaller circles of different colors. The headline and category menu are at the top of the page, however you may also navigate via the circles in the center of the page. Simply click on the icons within the circles to navigate there.

Website with attractive design

2 - Vlog.it

This is a very interesting design that is set upon a black screen. To the left of the page is a large circle. Within the circle is the name of the website, and surrounding the name is a circle with three rings (like a planet). Within the rings are screen prints from videos and such. The images are stretched and randomized in order to give a three dimensional effect.

Website with attractive designs

3 - Sullivannyc.com

This is a very nicely designed website. At the very top is a black line with the categories listed in white. Below that is a yellow banner which contains the website’s tag line. There is then a photographic image of the college of the website, along with the university website and a small text box. The design is good looking but also practical and easy to navigate.

attractive website design

4 - Waggeneredstrom.com

This is a website that has taken old design methods but laid them out in a cartoony and retro way. The fonts are very bold but fun. The coloring is subdued and yet the bright colors are still eye-catching. The background is mostly dark, but it also allows the brighter colors to stand out a little more without the design looking too imposing and ugly.

Website with attractive designs

5 - Routalempi.fi

This is a website from Finland, hence the “fi” ending to the domain name. It is built in black and white, which is rather attractive in a very modern and bold manner. Their use of grays may have made it a boring site if it were not for the contrast of the black and white on the screen. The contrast and the almost dynamic design is very engaging.

attractive website designs

6 - Snowdenindustries.com

Here is a website that is very well designed using mostly black and white with a splash of orange. The use of orange is a newer trend that is supposed to remind people of the sun and happiness. They have really played on this by creating a design that almost looks like a snowy slope on a dark night, but with a sun setting on the page.

attractive website design

7 - Breckbreckbreck.com

This is a website that also uses black and white with a large helping of gray. However, they have also used a splash of green, playing on an almost organic look or feel. The page is actually rather cramped, but makes such good use of the white space that it looks very good.

attractive website design

8 - Psyrup.com

The background is similar to a sky which goes from a slightly darker green blue to a lighter green blue. The graphic at the top sets the scene and leads the eye down to the block based menu system. Where this may have been enough, they have also added a full color image of a boy with goggles on at the bottom right of the page.

attractive web designs

9 - Cenwoodkitchens.com

They have gone for a very modern look that is set against a very homely and traditional feel. They have an image of a modestly colored kitchen on the left, and on the far right is a gray menu system with white writing. It works with a very nice harmony to go along with the golden yellows, and browns on the middle and left of the screen.

attractive web designs


This website uses the very popular idea of a full photographic image for a background. The menu is not set on the top of the website; it is actually on the far right of the image. The menu is white and in a font and style that makes it noticeable but that also has no effect on the impact of the image, which is just a shadowy street on a sun lit day. Putting the menu anywhere else would have ruined what is in fact a very good design idea.

attractive web designs

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