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Perfect Your Business Card with These Tips

While you may think business cards are going out of style in today's digital world, they're still a valuable tool for your new business arsenal. You never know when a new contact or potential client will whip one out themselves and ask for yours in exchange, so it's best to be prepared to have one to offer. Don't think you're stuck with boring paper cards— you can makes ones on material ranging from magnets to plastic, and customization options ensure you can design it to best represent you.

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Business cards prices can fit any budget. With plain stock paper cards, versus magnetized or laminated business cards, costing less. A well-designed business card lends an air of professionalism to the business. A business card can increase the chances of picking up a new client. First impressions are lasting impressions, and these first impressions can start with a business card. There are always options to score printing for less money than you might expect. You could even barter your business services with a printer to obtain the cards.

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Business cards provide easy ways to make industry network connections and can be used in a number of ways. You can:

• Hang them on a community communication board.
• Hand them to people you meet.
• Place some in a card holder at business counters that are not in your industry.

A business card should give people a good idea of what the business does and how it can help clients and includes vital contact information. Branding a business with a catchy logo and slogan on the card is essential to the success of the business.

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• The logo helps people identify what your business is and how it can help.
• Logos and slogans set your business apart from other industries in the same arena.
• Logos and slogans help people remember your business.
• Logos help clients to instantly know what the business does.
• Eye-catching logos help to gain the business exposure.
• The logo may inspire people to want to do business with the company.

Productive business cards with logos that stand out will have appropriate font sizes, background colors and logo colors. Colors on business cards can send subconscious messages to clients, according to Empower Yourself with Color Psychology. For example, eco-conscious brands may reinforce their green ideas with green cards, while soothing blue cards are perfect for healing businesses such as massage companies.

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Keep these practices in mind when crafting your card, advices FixBuildandDrive.com:

• Do not make the print so small it's unreadable.
• Do not put light colors on light backgrounds or dark colors on dark backgrounds.
• Do not make the business card design inconsistent with the rest of your brand.
• Add social media link sites.
• Include an email address or residential address.
• Use good quality paper for business cards.
• Do not give too much information where the receiver is overwhelmed or can't read it.
• Include a brand promise.

Do check these 30 beautiful and creative business card designs and Do tell us how do you make your business card stand out in the comments.