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Marketing Strategy: Content Marketing Along With Mobile Web Design

You must have heard a lot about the two pillars of Marketing strategy- content marketing and mobile web design. These two terms are immensely popular and are being used frequently in the online world.

If you run a website, you must be knowing the importance of both these terms in the online world. But, have you ever given a thought to this? - Does combining mobile web design with content marketing hamper any of the two? Or do you think website content suffers due to all the restrictions imposed by design on small screens?

No matter what, the fact is that “Content is King” and it cannot be sacrificed for mobile design. In such a scenario, the best way out is, the responsive design and content marketing strategy should be combined in such a manner that it gives a phenomenal user experience to the visitors. Almost all of us are well aware of the fact that in today's time, good content is the only key to make money online. Another thing that many clients need to comprehend is, a website that displays great content on hand-held devices can gain amazingly huge traffic in the mobile user market. So did you get my point? Content should or we shall say cannot not be hampered in any case as it is the only nerve that controls the breathing (traffic) of a site.

Relax, we haven't lost the sight of the designing part. Below mentioned are some techniques to show you that both- an outstanding content marketing strategy and a responsive web design can unite and create an astounding online experience.

Collaborate and Cooperate

The best way of excelling in this field is by integrating responsive design and content marketing strategy effectively. This can only be done by working together. We cannot deny the fact that the key to success, other than content, is working together as a team. Be it web developers, marketing strategists or web designers, all must collaborate and cooperate. It may also include marketing professionals or developing and enhancing your own marketing skills.

Plan your Strategy

  • - Know Your User's Needs and Outline Your Strategy Accordingly

Firstly, you need to get your hands on researching, analyzing and anticipating your user's needs and requirements. You need to collaborate and get on to some intellectual thinking.

Below mentioned are some questions that you need to think about before taking any step further:

  • Who will be looking for the information on the website?
  • What information excites them the most?
  • Which device they use and how can you enhance their user experience?

Let us take an example here:

A man on his way back home from office is starving and wants to have a burger. He looks up his Smartphone to order one. Now, you as an E-commerce website owner can hit the dart here. How?

By making use of targeted marketing and giving him the content he is looking for. Responsive design can play an added ingredient to have the visitor, in this case the man illustrated above come-by your site.

Let your Device Do The Talking!

Your device has a lot of incredible features in it that can make you roll harder. Take advantage of whatever your device offers you, be it camera, mobile browsing, touchscreen, GPS, etc and build content in the most effective, creative, engaging and interesting way.

Let's have another example over here - Back to the hungry burger man. After ordering his burger he realizes that he forgot to order French Fries (which his mother really loves) and he immediately re-opens the site and clicks the “call us” button to speak to an employee and adds French Fries to his order. Here, GPS, mobile browsing, touchscreen, etc are the features that made his purchase easier.

With Satisfaction Comes Long Term Customers

The growing desire of people in today's time is instant gratification and that comes only by providing instant access to information. Hand-held devices, Smartphones in particular, provide instant satisfaction and hence they are becoming the basic need of every being. When it comes to retailers, print media is one area that has become a growing trend to support and encourage social media activities. The mobile web enables business to take their content marketing strategy to higher extents of business with the help of banners, brochures, QR codes, posters and through an application named Foursquare.

In The End

Mobile users remain busy and impatient and because they need instant information or instant solution to their problems, they use mobile instead of laptops and desktops. They don't have time to read books about widgets on their phones rather they would be interested in knowing the place from where they can purchase the book and its cost. Mainly there are only two things that attract the visitor's eye: an amazing web design and a killer content. The best content marketing strategy is when an amazing responsive design and the ability of a mobile to anticipate and answer to the needs of the users go hand in hand. With some innovative, creative and careful planning one can create a pioneering campaign that would excite, attract, engage the visitors and would also lead to a boon in the sales.

About Author:
Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with PixelCrayons, a reputed Custom web design & development company India offering offshore cms, ecommerce and mobile apps development services. For more information about PixelCrayons, visit at http://www.pixelcrayons.com/