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Refurnishing Your Bedroom? Be Smart – Use Stickers to Refurbish!

Do you like editing your pictures? I think everyone does. You don’t have to be a graphics artist to do this anymore. With free and simple apps for mobiles, tablets etc anyone can easily edit their photograph: Popular ones being ‘Instagram’ Apple creation and ‘Photo Editor’ the Android app. Even on a desktop or laptop, the basic Microsoft picture editor will do the trick like cropping, deleting, adding text and color. If you want more effects then download ‘Picasa’ or any other program. Add brightness, contrast, grayscale, black and white, sepia etc by just clicking on the options. Of course if you really want to air brush your picture, then download more technical softwares like ‘Adobe Photoshop’ and its extensions/enhancements.

With editing this easy – everyone can and does enhance their pictures. So what can you do with those awesome mini works of art? Upload them on social media of course, where everyone hits likes or comments or shares for a while. A month goes by (if not a lesser time) and everyone’s attention is diverted towards the next new thing. So if you want something long term, you print them out and stick them onto something. Be more innovative and you’ve got ‘stickers’! When we use these as stickers on something then that item begins to hold more value for us. .

If you are a homemaker you spend money once on building or buying your own house. You also make sure that you buy basic furniture and quality appliances to last for at least ten or fifteen years. After a while (and it is human nature) you will get bored with the same setting and things. For a while it is easier to move around the furniture to change your settings. When styles and colors change, however you may not have the money to constantly buy new things (and it’s basically silly to buy really stuff every 2 or 3 years). .

Stickers are thus one of the economical means to totally revamp your interiors. Most DIY experts have recognized this and incorporate this idea whenever they supposedly come up with new and exciting ideas to ‘revamp your interior economically’ and etc. .

Take a bedroom; you get it painted in pastels, put a bed, a bedside table, dressing table, cupboard etc. After a while you decide to turn it into a child’s bedroom. Instead of getting the whole room refurnished, you can use different types of stickers. Order decals in your child’s favorite theme and stick them to the wall (e.g. a blue sky with the sun/clouds/birds or a tree with butterflies and flowers). Clings can be pasted on their bathroom walls (e.g. small fish or underwater plants like seaweed) and simple die cut stickers on the headboards of their beds. You can involve your child, ask him/her about his/her favorite things, then sit online and design all those stickers with their favorite pictures. There you have it, without spending too much time or dough, you’ve converted a simple bedroom to a room which your kid will love. .

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Ms. Leila Stanfield is your typical loud Texan and writer at Stickerdeals.net. She says what she wants and whenever she can. An expert in creating marketing slogans she has worked for a number of advertising companies helping in launching new products right off the rack. Her expert insights and advice including excerpts from her personal life make her articles worth a read. .