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Understanding Android SDK, Android OS For Mobile Apps Development

Android is engaged in conquering the mobile application development market and there are a large number of companies who have moved on to mobile application development by working on Android app development projects. Well, Android is an open source platform, hence its popularity is growing steadily and there are a number of mobile application developers who are actually trying to make the best use of mobile platform. Most of the start-ups in the field of mobile app development basically rely on free app technologies and development tools; it is easy and simple for them to take up Android-based development projects to meet customers' demands.

Android apps are written in Java language chiefly albeit the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) is used emphatically for writing applications in Perl, Python and other environments. With the novel developments in the platform of Android 4.0 and Android 2.3, the developers got an opportunity to start developing apps in Android as the latest versions support Adobe AIR technologies and Adobe Flash.

Developers use Android SDK for app development process along with the atmosphere for writing, testing and debugging the apps. The Eclipse IDE is helpful for an easy and quick Android application development process. It is free, runs on a number of operating systems (including Linux and Windows), and is often upgraded to provide excellent performance in development. Moreover, the Android Development Team from Google has provided the Android Development Toolkit plug-in for Eclipse which turns it into an Android mobile application fabrication powerhouse! It turns compilation of application into a one-click task, automates updates for the latest revisions of the Android SDK and provides custom editors for layout resources and files. Certain developers find Eclipse a little buggy, or even quirky to use at times. To quote an example, sometimes it doesn't recognize new resource files until you restart it.

One can even customize it using the Android Development Tools Plug-in that helps in enhancing the quantity and quality of Android mobile applications. Android Emulator ensures the smoothness of the process of testing and debugging that helps developers to create an atmosphere which simulates the features of the operating system and mobile devices. Android app developers use Android framework APIs and they get help from plethora of C/C++ libraries which include SQlite, System C library, 3D libraries, SGL graphics engine and some others technologies.

Mobile app developers can even sell off their mobile solutions in the Android Market and can publicize it through a website. Android Marketplace is an application store that was launched by Google for Android-based apps distribution and these apps are created and distributed by developers throughout the world and the store now boasts of more than 200,000 Android apps and is second to the iOS.

It is not really difficult for anyone to write Android applications, even if you don’t have experience in this background. Learning Android development is just like studying any other foreign language. If you don't understand Java, that is how you need to start. After spending a week on the basics of Java, you will feel that you can read the code samples and understand the examples. Moreover there are so many studying tutorials for Android which are available at Google, so just search for it and start with the tutorial which suits you the best. It is truly that simple.

You can also go for the Android lessons that are found in the Android SDK online documentation for all the coding reference required for the Android platform. And do not forget those newsgroups! They are the best place to find instant help from real developers who like helping new programmers.

About Author: The author of above article works with Aegis - an Offshore Android Apps Development Company as an Android app developer. Aegis is an offshore mobile application development company with clients across the globe in various industries like healthcare, banking, entertainment, travel, education, etc.


  1. If you don't understand Java, that is how you need to start. After spending a week on the basics of Java, you will feel that you can read the code samples and understand the examples.

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