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New Coke commercial is Model of Happiness

Despite of being one of world’s top brands Coca-Cola frequently comes under scrutiny for their high calorie products. Intended for attracting health conscious people, Coke has set out a new campaign singing the praises of exercise and healthy lifestyle.

The commercial features animatronic wooden models taking a time-travelling trip back through one happy man’s healthy life. Directed by Johnny Kelly of Nexus, the brief was to show how movement was key to the happiest moments in his life. “We commissioned model-making experts Anarchy to create a set of moving animatronic puppets that can run, jump and throw babies in real time,” he explains.

Film credits :
Director: Johnny Kelly
Production Company: Nexus
ECD: Chris O’Reilly
Executive Producers: Luke Youngman, Julia Parfitt
Producer: Jo Bierton
Project Manager: Zoe Verrier-Stunt, Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Project Lead / Cg Supervisor: Mark Davies
VFX Supervision: Dave Walker
Designer: Jack Cunningham
Character design: Jack Cunningham & Bjørn-Erik Aschim
3D previs: Patrick Tomasini, Joe Sparrow, Florian Caspar

Information Source: Vimeo