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5 Things That Make Keeping Track Of Your Businesses Success Easy

The gloom and doom days of the Great Recession are over, but the truth is that from a day-to-day operations perspective that progress is hard to see. Fortunately, there is one way to plan for success and not only watch it as it happens, but affect its progress as it is made.

It doesn't matter whether you are an unemployed person who wants to strike out on your own or a seasoned veteran trying to get their mojo back--you must find ways to keep track of your business success to ensure that things really are happening for the better. What follows are five ways you can do just that.

Make a plan, but don't marry it

It's been said that a plan is a dream with a deadline. It's true. A business plan serves as a road map to get you where you want your business to go, and by attaching deadline dates and sales goals to it, you are only further priming yourself to accomplish your mission.

Keep your ego in check and listen to advice

Success can be very intoxicating. Greater success only leads to more of the same effect. Unfortunately, the heady effects of business success can lead to drunkenness just like the alcohol kind. It's better to keep your head out of the clouds and listen to the opinions of others.

Practice and run a simulation

There's a reason why elite athletes practice their skill so much--it works. Practicing your business skills works just as effectively. And thanks to technology, practice can make even more perfect. At http://www.domo.com you can enter your business data into a simulation of generally accepted business practices to get a look at what is likely to happen given certain actions.

Keep track of everything and manage by the numbers

Creating written systems for everything is an effective way to keep track of your business actions and their results. Otherwise, you will forget and everything you do will turn to ether, and will be of no benefit to you when it comes time to check on your progress.

Challenge yourself

The former skipper of the America's Cup racer, Stars and Stripes, Dennis Connor, motivates himself by issuing bets, $ 1 at a time, to see how far he can press himself to reach new heights. You could do the same. Want to make your next sales goal, bet yourself to reach it. No matter what the goal is, do whatever you can to stretch yourself to reach it. Can't quite reach it? Reinvent yourself to accomplish your goal.

You'll be shocked with what you can accomplish.