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Making Your Business Stand Out: Getting Creative with Business Cards Design

In a world where start-up businesses are blooming wildly like a field of mushrooms, it’s becoming increasingly hard to differentiate your own brand and standing out from your competitors feels about as easy as drawing water from a stone.

Business cards are an effective networking tool. Usually, they are the first connection with a potential client and therefore build that physical bond between your business and customers. In the digital age, many people have questioned the need for business cards but something as simple as a name, or contact information can easily be forgotten. Having something to remind them and reconnect with after you have interacted with them is important and helps people understand what they can expect from you and your business.

Business Card Design
There are no rules for innovative design, but a dull business card does nothing to make a good impression. Simple ideas go a long way and the crucial part is always an eye-catching design, but basics like custom shapes, cuts and finishing are all affecting factors.

Not everyone has time to think outside the box and get creative though- so we pay someone else to do it, but what good is an idea if we can’t at least paint a picture of what we want ourselves in the planning stages?

Below are some tips and ideas that are bound to get your creative juices flowing and learn what you want (or don’t want!) as part of your business.

Different Shapes

Square, narrow or custom shaped business cards are a fun way to incorporate your brand better. You can create a card which gives you the freedom to represent your style of presentation depending on the way it is shaped, whether it’s the entire card or sections cut out inside it.

While experimenting with different sizes and shapes is good, it’s recommended that you don’t make the business card larger than the standard size as it may be difficult for people to carry in their wallets.

Different Textures

Wood, metal and plastic and other untraditional materials can help in drawing substantial attention for first time looks. The unique textures in itself can work on creating an impact and leave behind a memorable impression on the company.

Standard Size, Innovative Designs

A visually captivating design in any form of marketing imprints on a person’s memory much deeper than a dull and boring design, in these cases a standard business card size can be enough. Creative and punchy taglines that give people food for thought can also be remembered and work effectively.

Useful and Resourceful Design Tips

Whilst a business card has many uses for a brand (networking, marketing and so on), it only serves one main purpose to the client – an easy way to get hold of you! So think about how fun it would be to create a card that not only fits in with your brand, but gives something back to the person receiving it.

For example, a lawn mowing or gardening service can design a business card that is sealed and contains seeds to plant something with.

For the Minimalist

In some instances, simplicity is the key. A minimalist approach focuses a person’s attention on where it matters most: the company’s name and logo. When designed properly, creativity shines through the careful arrangements of wordings and logo.

Remembering the Basics

It’s seems obvious, but you would be surprised how often the basic information gets missed. Company name and logo, your full name, title, address, phone, email and company’s website are all vital information that should be displayed. Other things like social media or industry association logos are also good to have but will depend on the brand and business.

Making Use of Space

Trying to cram all you information on the one side may save printing costs, but it very rarely does anything for the design aspect. You have two sides of a business card, use them! Whilst it’s common to have the name, logo and contact information on the one side, and marketing message or space to write on the other, it’s a good idea to consider how the space can be used and mix it up. Having your contact details on one side, and company logo and message on the other can spread things out a little.

Keeping Your Brand in Mind – Printing and Colour

There are oodles of options for printing finishes and colour swatches but it’s important to make sure all your creative design decisions are consistent with your brand and style. Using colour is great as it captures attention, but simple tones or the use of black and white with just a logo or name in colour can have striking results.

Printing options can range from matte and gloss finishes, to different thickness and is all dependant on your brand and budget. Now it is time to check these 30 beautiful and creative business card designs.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Snap Printing – #1 in business printing and offers services such as design, web and marketing solutions.


  1. No-doubt that business cards are very effective and important to enhance your business presence in people's pockets and under their office tables. It means you already have customers when they need you definitely they will call you but business card's design is very important thing. In your post you shared different types of business cards but i think most effective, creative and eye-catching business cards are embossed business cards because these are unique and different from regular business card design. Your shared information is very helpful to understand the importance of business cards designing.

  2. Thanks Jessica for your feedback! Agreed, embossed business cards do look fantastic!

  3. In my view the most significant thing is make your business cards with QR code and for those of you who don't have it.

  4. Well, while giving the business card to other person, you should feel confident and good. For this, it is essential that your business card is perfectly designed and by professionals.
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