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Successful Trade Fair Marketing Must Haves

When putting together a fair trade show there are many aspects of business that must be taken care of in order for the show to go off without a hitch. Much of this has to do with you are advertising or what you are selling, the aspects of your booth, the position of your booth and the actual trade show you are participating in. 

If you decide to give away neck wallets at your show, you are going to draw a fairly significant crowd. Neck wallets are a hot commodity at any trade show and can actually be quite expensive to buy on the open market or online.

Neck wallets vary in design from one end of the board to the other. You can purchase these wallets in various materials such as nylon, cloth or plastic. Neck wallets come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them have a separate compartment for pens on the side while showing your credentials in the main pocket. This can be very helpful for those who need a pen and keep losing it. Some of the wallets have a zippered space for money and credit cards, while others are just your basic wallet that shows your ID badge. These wallets come in any color you want, but something that matches your fair trade show logo is recommended. The great thing about these wallets is that they hang from your neck on a lanyard and so the contents of the wallet are available without a long search of a deep pocket or purse. 

When giving away gifts at a trade show it is important to find out what product will draw the most attention to your booth.In order to do this it is wise to do some research on what it is that your customers want or need. These types of gifts are called useful gifts and they usually draw a large crowd. It does not mean you will sell anything, but you will be remembered for your product. 

Another option for trade show gifts is to give away something that is funny or humorous. Although useful gifts get a lot of attention and wear, funny gifts can get just as much of a response because they are memorable. If you really want to pull it all together it might be wise to do something that is both useful and humorous such as putting a funny picture or quote on the neck wallet. 

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that your gift does not necessarily outshine your product. If that is the case you may end up spending more money on gifts then you actually bring in. Concentrate on your niche of the market and design a gift around that.  If you would like more information on marketing your business during trade fairs or conferences then you should also check out Technology for Marketing or these guys who offer ten golden tips on how to succeed at a trade fair or conference event.

Author Byline:

Michael Smith is a keen writer and specialises in brand promotion.