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Chic Homes Around the World

Who wouldn’t like to live in an exclusive Italian villa? And what about living in an incredible house with spectacular views of the Mediterranean? If you would love to discover more about these and many other homes, here you will be able to take a look at some building with unique designs and chic decoration. Whether you would like to learn more about interior design, or you are interested in admiring some of the most original buildings in the world, this article will give you the opportunity to appreciate some amazing homes.

Casa Sulla Morella

Located in the town of Castelnovo di Sotto, in northern Italy, this unique house was built by Andrea Oliva, a young Italian architect fond of minimalism. While the building was initially conceived as an experiment, the fact is that is this house is able to provide its residents with all the conveniences of a regular home, such as hot water and electricity, thanks to a series of solar panels installed on its roof. Casa Sulla Morella allows visitors to admire a breathtaking landscape by making use of its immense windows and empty spaces, one of the main characteristics of minimalism. The furniture, which includes a series of Natuzzi Italian sofas, has also been selected taking into account the minimalist style of the whole architectural ensemble.

Le Petit Chateau

Known for its extravagant decoration and its smart use of natural materials, Le Petit Chateau has recently become one of the most luxurious and astonishing homes to be found in the French Alps. Located in the town of Courchevel, this incredible building resembles a regular cabin, but is able to stand out by making use of a traditional style that is able to fittingly blend with the environment surrounding the house.

The Lake House

If you are searching for a different look, The Lake House offers you a much more modern design while also providing you with a great view of Lake Tahoe. Although the house was not completed until 2010 and the style can be classified as modern, the fact is that the building was probably inspired by baroque architecture, something can be easily perceived by taking a look at the way the structure seems to curve in order to defy traditional architectural conceptions.

Krater House

With a little less orthodox design, the Krater House can be found in Antiparos, a small Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. Thanks to the use of stone, wood and many other more robust materials, the building is capable of mixing a minimalist and traditional style. Inside, the visitor can find white sofas and wooden tables, something that is able to provide a very original and incredibly calming atmosphere, allowing the visitor to enjoy some remarkable views of the sea.

Mediterranean Villa Near Port d'Andratx

Also located near the sea, this incredible Mediterranean villa was designed by the Spanish architect Alberto Rubio nearly ten years ago. Located in Port d’Andratx (Mallorca), this house has been designed making use of white colours, something that provides a very suggestive contrast with both the sky and the sea. Built in a very typically Mediterranean style, the house offers a very chic and trendy look. While the interior has been decorated in a very eclectic way, the architect has also been able to make the natural environment shine with its own light, allowing visitors to admire a unique building.

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