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Webydo, Providing Professional Web Designers with a Code Free Site Creating Experience

There’s nothing strange about the fact that web designers and other right-brained individuals do their best to avoid handwritten code like the plague. Being creative souls, they can’t afford wasting their precious time on this frustrating, outdated process that actually hasn’t changed much since the 90’s. So, if you’re a web designer looking for a code-free, Do-It-Yourself web builder, you definitely have to check out Webydo, a professional website creator allowing you to build stunning websites faster, bypassing the need to convert your designs into code manually. Webydo was established by leading web designers, so the designers’ needs and preferences are well understood there.

No Coding Involved
HTML-free web design? It exists, really. Thanks to the Webydo’s sophisticated, patent pending code converter you can see your designs in action immediately: just drag, drop, resize, rearrange, rotate and crop the elements at will until they look exactly as planned. The interface is clean and intuitive. Whether you need to draw a circle/line/any other sophisticated form or add eCommerce capabilities to your website, everything is done via the extra handy drag-and-drop tools. There’s nothing to download, set up or code. By the way, Webydo ensures your website will look just as you want on any screen, as their revolutionary system generates a cross platform code updated to the latest web standards.

Webydo is primarily aimed at professional web designers and does not offer hundreds of pre designed themes, but rather allows users to start with a pre-structured layout or from a blank canvas. However, when it comes time to design a website, you can go with the layout or blank canvas, but Webydo also offers a few readymade designs from different industries in their stock - you may use one of them for inspiration (no worries, every element is 100% customizable).

Easy Collaboration and Management
Webydo sees its’ self as a multi-faceted platform that can serve both as a full-fledged web design studio and an online office. Because Webydo divides the admin panel into the DMS (design management system) and CMS (content management system), your clients will never alter the design when uploading new content or making edits due to the website owners site permissions in the control panel. However, if desired, you can ‘unlock’ certain elements of the design and make them editable in the CMS. Besides, you can appoint multiple collaborators (Designers and Content Managers) to a single project simply by sharing your current design through the Share option.

Other outstanding features of Webydo include ‘Build Your Brand’ and ‘Bill My Client’. These allow designers to custom brand Webydo as their own and also make payments without leaving the Dashboard. The content management system (CMS) is presently one of the most professional on the market. It even allows site owners to set permissions so when clients enter to, let’s say, update the ‘articles & collections’ element, they will not alter the design elements of the website.

Easy Publishing
When the website is ready, you can share it publicly simply by clicking the Publish button. It will go live in a split second on Webydo’s subdomain. You can use it for testing and sharing. In order to map the website to a custom URL, you have to upgrade your account and follow the directions. The procedure isn’t painful at all. In addition to the publishing, you will be able to create a responsive website that has complete cross browser capabilities.

The platform allows you not only to design a website fast and cost-efficiently, but it also takes care of your website’s security and accessibility. Webydo’s powerful cloud hosting infrastructure is monitored by their team 24/7 ensuring your site is protected. Plus, you will have around the clock customer support from the guys over at Webydo.

Webydo was created by designers, for designers and has already put more than 35K professional designers worldwide in the drivers’ seat to take charge of their web designs. In addition, their community of designers is voting and deciding on what features Webydo will add next right on their Participate page. So go ahead, give Webydo a try and enjoy the freedom of creativity & design freely.

Webydo is a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code. With this sophisticated online software, designers can bring any design to life and with a click of a button, publish an advanced HTML website with a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner.