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Current Printing Trends in Australia

Using a reputable printer to create your company's collateral can make or break your business's reputation in the eyes of your customers. Poorly printed materials that lack professionalism and character can have a negative influence on your brand. In addition, printing in Melbourne can be costly and working with a printer who is aware of current trends in the industry can improve your return on investment. Keep reading to learn more about printing in Melbourne, digital printing and current industry trends.

Over the past several decades, people have become much more aware of how their decisions influence environmental health. Issues with global warming, landfills and nonrenewable energy have become increasingly important. One of the most important trends in the digital printing industry is the move toward sustainable green printing. The Printing Industries Association of Australia is a proponent of sustainable printing. This approach to the commercial printing industry offers a number of significant advantages. For example, printers who commit to a sustainable program have a plan in place to manage recycling, energy and waste.

Paper Pricing Increases for Printing in Melbourne

One of the most interesting trends set to take place in the near future is an increase in the price of paper. Print21 reports that consumers and digital printing companies could see a 10.5% increase in the price of paper across all major merchants during the first quarter of 2014. Many blame a devaluation of the Aussie dollar for the increase. Essentially, this means that companies seeking printing in Melbourne might incur higher charges for their printing products. Working with a discounted printer can help alleviate the strain on the budgets of small businesses and large corporations alike.

3D Printing in Melbourne

Finally, a very exciting trend on the horizon is 3-D printing in Melbourne. 3-D printing is a process that creates a solid object of three dimensions from a digital model. While the technology has been around since the late 20th century, the equipment required to produce a 3-D print became widely available commercially in the 21st century. 3-D printing offers companies a unique opportunity to produce highly branded items for distribution to consumers. For example, a flower business could create miniature 3-D models of popular arrangements and include them in a direct mail campaign. Or, if you're in the business of creating smart phone cases, you could use 3-D printing in Melbourne to deliver highly customisable products for your customers.

The commercial and digital printing industry in Melbourne is a booming field that delivers quality products to customers. Identifying a reputable printer who understands sustainable printing techniques and trends that deliver value at reasonable prices can assist you with establishing your business's brand. In addition, your printing company should be available to assist you with developing a printing program that exceeds your bottom line and meets your company's goals. Your company's annual report, materials for a direct mail campaign or training products for new employees, your printing relationship should be convenient, reasonably priced and professional.