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5 Killer Landing Page Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate

Webmasters should always strive to increase the conversion rate of their landing pages, whatever the conversion may mean to them, email sign-up, product purchase, subscription, etc. In order to increase conversion rates webmasters must always test different variations but while testing they should also keep the following 5 elements in mind as they are some of the most important ones for driving conversions:

When there are images that are going to be on their landing pages, these photos must be clear and crisp. They should pertain to the information on the page. The photos will catch the eye of many people visiting the site, and it is important to have the best quality possible. Many people use a professional photographer to assist them in getting the best images for their site.

Calls – To - Action
When people visit a site, they will need to be able to reach the company easily. There should be a phone number and address so that people will be able to reach the company for any questions that they might have, especially when the service or product is expensive. If a company is selling a product that is not very expensive, it is important to have an “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” button in place. Testing the buttons is important, so a company should try to use different fonts and images to see how they will affect business.

When a customer comes to visit a site, they are trying to address a problem they are having. A company should make sure that they address any of the concerns they might have and tell the facts about what they are offering without embellishing the information. They should also be sure to make the content clear and concise. The site should be geared towards the user and not as a place to brag about the company.

Credentials Or Trust Enhancers
The credentials are very important, and a company can add badges on their site that show that they were featured in prominent magazines or recommended by someone else. It is important to develop trust from the customer, and these types of things will give the customer the confidence that they need to have in order to do business with them.

Responsive Design
Since a majority of business will come from smartphone or tablet, which is about 1/6 of a company’s business, it is important to make the design eye catching. The design needs to be able to be read with large enough buttons and links so the user can push them easily. It should also be read without scrolling to the side because this is annoying for a potential customer. Since the smartphone and tablet users are more likely to purchase because they are wealthier, it makes sense to make sure that the responsive design concept is used.
When people use the 5 elements described above to continuously tweak and improve the landing pages the conversion rates will improve as well.