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Black and White Portraits by Vincent Peters

Black & white…the timeless beauty of opposites! Yin & yang, positive & negative, true & false! Here it comes in the form of photography. These black & white portraits by Vincent Peters speak volumes about beauty & sensuality. Be it male or female, the photography of Vincent Peters seems surrealistic & magical in the true sense.

Photographer and filmmaker, Vincent Peters, was born in Germany in 1969. He began his photographic career taking snaps whilst travelling around Thailand in the 1980’s. Since 1990, Peters has concentrated on fashion, beauty and celebrity photography, contributing to nearly every major fashion magazine including French, Italian, British, German, Japanese and Spanish Vogue, Numero, Arena, GQ, Dazed & Confused, Ten and The Face. With the splashes of just blacks & whites, he has worked wonders. From celebrities to advertising, he has left no world to get captured in his lenses. He has embellished every bit of beauty in it. It seems like black & white are the colors that define beauty…through the lenses of eyes! With the classic combination, Vincent Peters talks to audience with his snaps. And it is almost clear that he knows where beauty resides.

All the photography aspirants, you can surely learn a thing or two with this classic art!

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