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Why Good Web Hosting Makes Huge Difference For Your SERP Ranking?


Web hosting remains one of the prime aspects for your website’s SERP ranking. A good web hosting is amalgamated from several important characteristics like uptime, bandwidth, server downtime, server location, etc. All these constraints are also important from SEO point of view. Hence, a good web hosting makes huge difference for your SERP ranking.

Today, with the every expanding online marketing industry, the Internet marketers tend to choose best hosting plans that offer them cost effective, fast, reliable, round-the-clock security, unlimited bandwidth, maximum server space and much more just because creating website is becoming simple. These marketers know that a bad host can’t just cause their website a serious problem but will also hamper their business to a greater extend.

Thus, selecting an appropriate hosting provider has become one of the most important tasks in the Internet marketing industry. Marketers must ensure to consider several factors that are significant for their SEO practices and SERP positions.

However, it does not mean that selecting a good web host will immediately help you in getting yourself ranked in the search engines. A good web hosting will just ensure you a good performing website which directly or indirectly relates to the SEO procedures you been doing for SERP rankings.
Let’s now see why a good web hosting makes a huge difference for your SERP ranking.

Web Server Downtime

Server downtime is one of the major issues you face while hosting your website on a bad host. Frequent server downs affect your website to a greater extent. Consider your server is down and the search engine bots are unable to search your website. These bots will just move on and would give a negative rating to your website.

Web server downs also increases the bounce rate of your website which in turn decreases your website’s authority. These overall negative ratings will then affect your SEO performance and even get you a low SERP ranking. Hence, one must go with a provider who offers you with the best server uptime.

Page Load Time

One must understand the equation, “Higher the load time, higher is the bounce rate”. Your website's page load time is one of the major concerns that affect your SERP rankings. According to a survey performed, almost 50% of the visitors want the websites to be opened within 2 seconds. Hence, if your website takes more than 2 seconds or for that matter 7 seconds (which is considered a median value), you are at a negative end.

Page Load Score Explained by Matt Cutts

However, it’s not always the server speed that decides your website’s page load time. You must also ensure that your website content and design are well optimized. Once you have an optimized website, check on your server speed to avoid any page load time issues.

Shared Hosting

I had always a negative intuition for shared hosting. Would you like sharing you home space with a stranger? If no, then why share your hosting space?

Shared hosting have their own set of disadvantages however let’s consider only those that affect your SERP rankings. Google follows the concept of “Bad Neighborhood” and often gives less preference to the websites that are hosted on a single IP address. You can use Bluehost coupon codes from Bluehostcouponsplace.com for huge discount on shared web hosting.

Server Location

Server location is yet another important constraint when it comes to web hosting and SERP rankings. The Geo-targeting feature of the Google Webmaster tools helps you to target your valued customers anywhere in the world. To give the best results, search engines often target the servers to provide you with the location based results. For example: You will get different results for a same keyword if you search in google.com and google.fr.

Hope the above points help you understand why good web hosting makes huge difference for your SERP rankings. Ensure you look into all these factors before selecting your hosing provider.