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Best Bust Stop

For daily commuters, waiting for a bus can be tiresome.But what if an ad at the bus stops encourages you to check a website and after they do so, a surprise happens? Bus coming in Zero seconds!! No something else

Qualcomm powering a tonne of the world’s best smart phones showcased how everyday life is just better with mobile with a pretty cool stunt in Los Angeles. Messages with tag lines, “In a hurry?”, “Seen it all?”, and “Bored?” were placed at bus stops and pointed to a mobile site URL. People could check the website an in a while, some cool things happened, see for yourself.

Best Bus Stop

Puppy Bus Surprise 

Horse and Carraige Surprise

Lamborgini Surprise 

Dog Sled Surprise 

All these videos have been taken from Qualcomm's channel on Youtube.