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Weird Logos that work

One can find Logos everywhere. Only few among them become popular - either due to their simplicity and time span in market makes it to be recalled or they are unique and catchy . Sometimes for being unique you've to get weird. In these post we have showcased some of weird looking logos designs.

Society 27 logo is created by Pavel Pavlov making use of ambigram effect. The logo displays exactly same when viewed in upside down position. Use of quotation marks and number seven makes up the complete 27

Use of single flowing line in LSO logo creates initials of London Symphony Orchestra. The shapes are recognizable to be seen as letters & also allow logo to be seen as elegant graphic

Tourism logo of New York known as Rebus logo displays heart symbolizing love, while initials N and Y represent New York. The simplicity of logo makes it more attractive.

Metroplex logo uses three dimensional shapes creating excellent sense of depth. Shapes used represent skyscraper buildings which make up the overall metropolis graphic, linking well to the meaning behind the name

Cattleyard logo links wells to its name and subject. Being Music related business graphics of musical instruments has been used combined them into shape of cow.

The CafeClick logo uses two essentials of internet mouse and cursor, bringing it together with a mug of coffee by replacing the steam.

The Logo Motives is collation of imagery and letterforms. The manipulation of the letters O and G allow them to fit seamlessly into the overall train graphic with perfect geometrics all round.

Curious and questions often goes hand in hand. This is smartly represented in the Curious logo manipulated by by replacing C with question mark symbol.

Colon common used in digital clocks and watches is cunningly used in Time Watch logo giving it a great look.

Upside down logo is represented smartly by manipulation of select letters yet maintaining the legibility. Manipulation gives it a unusual appearance

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  1. None of these strike me as weird except the cattle one. The LSO logo is definitely most elegant.