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Print Media Innovations

What next will come out in Print? Marketers are trying hard to go extra mile when it comes to print ads.Starting with Jackets ,Edit Wraps,Sky Bus its going on and on. Latest in line comes the handwritten front page for Korp Pen by Midday Pune.

Page 1 of the Pune edition was designed by  Pawan Kumar Tiwary and Jyotishman, in collaboration with the editorial team of the tabloid. The creative was conceptualised by Innocean, Korp's agency.

The page was completely handwritten and was done in parts, followed by compilation of these pieces of illustration and calligraphy into one page.The print run for the handwritten issue was the usual 1 lakh copies.

We bring to you some of recent innovations done in Print media

Korp Pens - Handwritten Front Page with Midday Pune

Godrej Aer & Bru Gold Coffe  - Adding fragrance to newspaper

On Sunday morning TOI reader could actually smell the fragrance while reading the Sunday newspaper. The fragrance effect was created through a fragrance spray technique at the TOI press

Volkswagen India - Feel the shiver of excitement ( Times of India)
This Times of India print ad goes on to deliver an actual shiver to the reader using a pulsating device connected physically to it. Done with help of LDR attached to vibrator, when the paper is folded no light can pass through the LDR device, but when it is unfolded light can pass through it and the pulsating device starts to vibrate