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20 Innovative examples of guerilla advertising

Advertising has become part of our lives, we consume it every here and there. This makes job of creative agencies harder to make ads that stand out in crowd. Guerrilla advertising is a great tool which agencies and advertisers are often betting on.Once a frisk form of advertising it has now perfected itself by making strange, surrealistic visuals and situations which passers simply by will remember. Here is a showcase of 20 innovative examples of guerrilla advertising which attracted eyeballs towards it.

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1. Superette – Short shorts

2. Spiderman 2

3. Folgers Coffee

4. Mr. Proper

5. National Geographic shark bus

6. Submerged Gotham - Promoting Movie Day after Tomorrow

7. Smart, fits everywhere

8. Smart Brabus

9. Dental implants

10. 3M security glass

11. Gold’s gym elevator

12. The Sopranos campaign

13. Vijay Sales Barbecue

14. Amnesty International

15. Looking for Seafood

16. Big Pilot’s watches

17. Axe Exit

18. Casino di Venezia

19. Mini Cooper boxes

20. Alteco Super Glue

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