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Offbeat examples of Logo Designs going wrong

Logo represents a brand visually; it is what sticks in people’s mind as well as creates associations. Great logos will not allow their consumers forget the brand – it’s precisely what prompts them pick one product over the alternatives: people are likely to stick to a thing familiar, something that introduces positive associations.
Implementing an effective logo can boost popularity of company, sometimes opposite is also possible. The results can be disastrous if second opinions are not gathered for evaluating the logo prototypes prior to implementation. We showcase you 10 examples of missteps and how logos can potentially ruin company's image.

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

The award winning logo from Art Director’s Club of Los Angeles in 1973 is good example of how perception can change with new generations viewing things differently.

Kudawara Pharmacy

Kudawara Pharmacy logo gained widespread public attention, leaving one wondering what services are offered inside the doors.


Use of proper capitalization and spacing in letters could have saved the company great deal of embarrassment.


How many times customer would think about entering MegaFlick stores after reading this logo. Lesson: Use fonts carefully or you may regret.

Arlington Pediatric Center

Though the logo has gained some unwanted publicity,public will always tend to misperceive its services due to this tragic logo.

Junior Jazz Dance Class

The use of black and white images created an unintended optical illusion. It leaves us wondering if it’s an an adult entertainment club.

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

The logo was supposed to show the sun behind yellow building, but the use of black lines on roof creates a very different image.

Office of Government Commerce

Simple logo created using three letters, when rotated 90 degrees clockwise, shows a very different image. The logo is still used by the agency.

Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental is being referred as “Full Service” practitioner after release of the logo.

The Computer Doctors

The use of mouse makes the logo design go wrong … well, just view the photo and pass your own judgment.

While it may be humorous to watch these kinds of unfortunate logo creations and think how the builders didn't foresee the tragic misrepresentations, a priceless tutorial also needs to be learned. A logo might make or bust any company’s popularity. Most of these illustrations also demonstrate the importance connected with receiving opinions on logo prototypes prior to implementation.

Sticking to basic graphic design principles, adhering client guidelines and soliciting advice on prototypes prior to logo implementation can avoid having your designs join the ranks of logos gone wrong.

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