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Top 8 Fitness Gadgets of 2013

Personal activity trackers are becoming increasingly trendy as millions of people worldwide struggle to increase activity, lose weight, and on the whole improve health and fitness. It's getting much easier to track our fitness, health and exercise with a widening range of gadgets and gizmos. The technology behind these gadgets is evolving quickly and giving users new insight into their daily habits and lifestyle patterns.

Here is a list of the top 8 fitness gadgets of 2013 that are going to record your every move.

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Fitbit Flex 

The Flex is a wristband version of the award-winning FitBit One. These colourful, lightweight wrist straps are designed to be worn continually for tracking all your usual activities such as steps taken, distance travelled, active minutes, calories burned and how long and how well you sleep. It wirelessly syncs to an app on mobile devices and PC via Bluetooth for you to track the measurements. It also has the alarm for waking.

Si14 WearIT 

The Si14 WearIT assesses the typical exercise fundamentals as well as location specifics like acceleration, compass and GPS so you can track where you're going. It incorporates both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Internet connectivity and to transfer data to other devices. Users can view maps and download other Android apps on its colour screen.

Mio Alpha


The Alpha is a highly accurate wristwatch-style heart rate monitor without the chest strap for runners and cyclists. It only keeps the functions necessary for heart rate-based training, including a stopwatch, a clock, continuous heart rate and programmable heart rate zones with visual and audio alerts. Of course, all of that data can be uploaded, via Bluetooth, to your computer or smartphone.

BodyMedia Core 2


Function and fashion. That's more like BodyMedia Core 2. Rocking Bluetooth 4.0, the Core 2 is smaller and better-looking than its predecessor and you can change up its appearance with sporty straps or fashioned bracelets. More importantly, Core 2 is the most accurate fitness tracker that includes a heart-rate tracker, a three-axis accelerometer and galvanic skin response sensors on board plus the usual calorie tracker.

iRiver On Headset

iRiver ON is a Bluetooth headset with fitness tracking built in. It can get data on calories burned, heart rate, distance travelled, speed, respiration rate, ventilatory threshold, cadence and VO2 max (aerobic fitness level). It syncs wirelessly with the smartphone app.
iRiver bundles two separate functions in one - fitness tracking and Bluetooth calls. Now you can make calls while you go jogging and also record every calorie you burn.



Hapifork is a fitness gadget that helps to compute the amount of food consumed and how fast you eat, with the goal of combating weight gain by slowing both down. It uploads this data, via USB, to your computer or phone, so you can track and rein in your eating habits. This sensor-laden tool measures how many "fork servings" you eat per minute in each meal, and how much time passes between them.

Apex HD+ Ski Goggles


The Apex HD+ is goggles that snowboarders and skiers can use to record video as they zip down the slopes or on the fly. These goggles have a full HD camera built into the bridge, and can be rolled up and down. Also, the camera can be managed through Wi-Fi using an Android or iOS app. It not just only starts and stop recording, but also gives the user a live view of what the camera is recording.

GeoPalz iBitz

iBitz is the latest gadget for monitoring the activities of the entire family that syncs directly to your smartphone. The adult iBitz app has features to track calories, steps, weight, distance, and more. The app for kids is an interactive game that encourages kids to be active to keep their iBitz character alive.

About Author: Sandeep works with Aegis software – An Android Application Development Company, and is passionate about developing Android fitness apps. He has done extensive research about the requirements in this field and has jotted down the above content for health conscious android users.