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15 Attractive E-Commerce Website Designs

There are many e-commerce websites out there, but only some of them have attractive designs. Most of the sites are cluttered and can’t be distinguished from the other sites. For an e-commerce website selling the product is more crucial than having a pretty attractive design.

But a well thought and good looking e-commerce website will add a rich shopping experience, which will turn shopping into a pleasant and invigorative process. In short it can guarantee success.

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Things to be considered while planning E-Commerce Site.

Detailed product information

Selling the products is most important for an e-commerce website. But who’s going to buy it if only the brand name is mentioned without features and specifications. So it is must that detailed product information is provided to user. For example product colors available, size, advantages of products, weight, delivery time, cost, any discounts going and many more.

Quality product images

It’s a well-known adage “An image speaks a thousand words”, this is true for e-commerce also. It’s a normal customer behavior to look at variety of products then settling on to one or two and spending more time closely looking at them. Throughout the buying process i.e. from interest, desire and finally action customers look at the products. So having a nicely shot quality product images allows the visitors to have a good look at the object of their interest before buying.

User friendly site navigation

Having good website navigation is must for any website but it matters much more for an e-commerce site. Users need to browse through different categories and products quickly. If a user friendly navigation is not provided the users will leave the site as they won’t be able to find products they are looking for easily.

Simple and transparent checkout process

One of main goal while setting up checkout portal should be to keep the processes simple, transparent and safe. Guide your customers by explaining them all the steps, error they could do and a simple thank you note after the purchase. This all adds to credibility and trust which will ensure the customer returns back to your portal next time.

Payment options

This is one of last stage in buying cycle; all your hard work to satisfy the customer and making him to take an action of buying product can be waste if he finds that you are offering only limited payment options. So for success of e-commerce site it is essential that all the major payment options like credit card, debit card, PayPal, transfer and many more are available.

The deeper you get, you will face more dilemmas. So to help you set up your new online store or improve an existing one, take a look at these 15 attractive e-commerce website designs to get some ideas. They may help you to find out workarounds regarding some of the difficulties you could have.


It’s a simple HTML shopping cart turning website into an e-commerce platform. The site design is clean, is responsive in nature and uses color combination of yellow and black making it an eye catcher. One can see use of animations which enhances user experience.

E-commerce Website Design

Kult Studio

A one stop destination for art lovers and enthusiasts, the website is flat in design, responsive in nature and uses a liquid layout keeping the page constantly filled upon resizing.

E-commerce Website Design


A clean and minimal styled online portfolio using wordpress as the CMS.

E-commerce Website Design


The e-commerce site is about lifestyle and uses a grid based website structure.

E-commerce Website Design


Clean website design which uses a free styled layout. The site uses combination of white, black and grey colors.

E-commerce Website Design


Online store selling cases & accessories for cellphone and notebook. The website design is clean, responsive in style and based on grid structure.

E-commerce Website Design

HAG Modellbahnen

HAG is producer of handmade model rail roads since 1944. Keeping the background in mind, an retro styled look has been developed by using HTML5. The websites uses shades of red color and is grid based in layout.The use textures is brilliant which adds to personality of the site.

E-commerce Website Design


A responsive website design for Californian watch maker, it uses a liquid layout. The site is inspired by ocean,motor-sports and aviation. The site design has big background images and also uses horizontal scrolling effects.

E-commerce Website Design


An inspirational website design for lifestyle product. One can see lot of features like responsive layout, big background images, clean, minimal and full screen styled design.

E-commerce Website Design

Anchor Travel

It is marketplace for boat chartering and is designed using HTML5. The use of water blue color makes the design look cool and refreshing. It also uses parallax scrolling.

E-commerce Website Design


The website is designed to tell brand's story. It is clean, bright, focuses on textures and illustrations.

E-commerce Website Design

Beo Play H3

E-commerce website design

Linda Farrow

E-commerce website design

My Ring Pop

E-commerce website design

Beo Play H6

E-commerce website design

We would love to hear from you in comments if we have missed anything that can be of help while setting up e-commerce site.


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