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Clever Approaches To Designing Logos

Signage installations provide leverage in directing customers to your establishment, in addition to the advertising opportunities it can generate. Quality designs are able to conjure up a chain reaction of promotions initiated and maintained by clients and even passers-by who just happen to take a look at your sign. In the past, memorable designs are able to gain popularity through efficient execution and presentation. With the right combination of branding and creativity, clever designs on logos can push your brand forward. Coming up with an initial idea for the project is not an easy task, so here are some concepts you can work with.

Fonts resembling imagery

Letters and numbers are naturally made up of shapes, and you can use them to your advantage. You can include a subtle inclusion of a symbol to represent your product. It can also be an item or place that is relevant to your brand philosophy. A common practice is to replace the tittle—the dot above the letter “i”—with a specific object. The letter “O” is also easy to morph into object, as long as it’s round as well.

Approaches to logo design

Geometric patterns

Human eyes are innately attracted to organized patterns and familiar formations. Adding a few lines to straight letters such as “L” and “T” connotes focus and direction, suggesting that your company means business. You should also consider using the fractals, where a certain geometric pattern is reproduced in various sizes and positions. This works well with technical industries and computer-related products.

Approaches to logo design


If you want a more direct approach to pushing your brand to social media channels, go with generating shock and amazement. Illusions are good conversations starters, and your logo image will probably be shared when people encounter it. Do your research on some works by M.C. Escher, and you may get some ideas that may apply to your design. Some optical illusions seem to move, forcing people to take a second look. Just take care not to overdo it, though.

Approaches to logo design

Negative space

The letters and symbols of your company’s name and products will most likely have spaces on them. These available areas can be utilised to include more imagery, and it has been a method for putting in other subtle concepts to go along with the whole design. It’s even more impressive when you are able to generate an object between the spaces among letters. Kerning figures prominently in this regard, and you can ask the graphic designer about ways to maximize the dimensions you have assigned to the logo.

WWF logo by Sir Peter Scott later modified by Landor

The output of your logo design will define a significant portion of your business model for months or years. It would be ideal to get it right the first time, with a certain degree of satisfaction whenever you look at the signage installed. The effect will not likely be realized immediately, but it’s still a good idea to play around with attention-grabbing concepts to discuss with your design team. The elements above have been used before, and some of them have proved to be successful. If you feel it’s worth trying, then start drafting your clever design idea right away.