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Social Media Tools to Measure Audiences

Social media is one such place where the majority of the prospective customers read about your brand and products. Social media occupy the top of the marketing funnel and spread your messages far and wide with your audiences. Also social media make it significantly easier for the audiences to share your messages worldwide; therefore, it is important to measure them to yield the desired results. So let us find out the technique to measure your audiences through the several digital channels.

You need a thorough understanding of which social media channels your audiences resides and how they interact with those channels. Most importantly, it is essential to understand how the audience reacts towards the content or the products.

For instance, the PostRank Analytical tool which could be used to assess people reaction in such platform. It was one of the greatest tools to measure the number of people interacting with the post you make over time. This strategy not only help to track the number of pages viewed but also help to determine who has shared which content and on which digital channels. Therefore, it effectively provides a comprehensive understanding of which content or products are of utmost importance to your audiences.

Besides, Crowdbooster is another powerful tool to provide valuable insights into your consumer behaviour. With the help of Crowdbooster you can

  • Determine the reach of your audience
  • Check the number of people your tweet has reached
  • Determine the factors that lead to follower’s growth
  • Identify the most influential followers
  • Find out who retweet your products or content within your audience
  • Finally to determine the optimum time it takes to tweet your audience.

Similarly, after sun-setting of Post Rank by Google, Google Analytics started the facility of social reports. It has the ability to track users arriving at your web site from different social media channels. The tool discovers the source of the visitors to your site by social media channels. As a result you get a list of those social media channels which drive traffic to your site. This action helps you to determine how much influence does social media channels have in driving traffic to your site.

Social media metrics are used to gauge the consumers and achieve the best results for your brands. Take a look at them-

Fan growth:
The metrics visualise the number of people clicking on the LIKE button of your page and gradually becoming your fans. It also measures the average speed of the fan growth by day, week and month

Engagement rate:
The metrics measure the number of fans getting engaged with your post either by liking or commenting on it. The number of likes and comments by the fans are divided to calculate the average engagement rate.

Response rate:
The metric shows how the page admin responds and react to the posts sent to the wall. It shows how well the page is doing in initiating a dialogue with the people.

If you intend to learn more about your consumer through social media, Kantar Media is the best expertise to help you accomplish your task successfully.

Jeremy Gomes is a senior media analyst (both Online and Print) working in a market research company. He also takes part in the development of audience measurement and multimedia monitoring tools. He takes inspirations from Kantar Media UK while doing his research work.