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5 Things to know before creating Logos

creating a logo

A logo is a very important aspect in any business or institution. It is a mark of uniqueness and authenticity that defines the institution uniquely from any other business of the same class or trade. Before creating a logo, there are certain factors that you ought to put into consideration.

Before moving forward I recommend you to check these Offbeat examples of logo designs going wrong to get a sense of why these five things are important in logo designing process.

What message do you want to convey?

With a business logo, you do not go out there picking any graphic image; it has to marry with your business. It is not just a matter of having a logo. Your clients want to see a logo that reflects what you do. The logo in other words, should speak volumes and volumes about the business. It should be something that tells the clients what your business is all about once they give it a simple glance.

Your logo should be appealing

Is your business logo appealing? The business logo has to be eye-catching. It should captivate the eye detaining it till the client comes to your business and becomes a life-time customer. Remember that a logo is the first item that meets your clients. How it looks therefore determines a lot. It could either solicit a following for your business or disperse your clients. Before designing it, make sure that you get suggestions from your clients. What catches their eyes? Is it the richness in color or the creativity in artwork? Once you get their opinions, go on to create the logo that incorporates all their opinions. Make is as simple as possible but at the same time appealing!

Sketch the logo

Once you have gotten an appealing logo that communicates what your business is all about, sketch the logo nicely on a piece of paper. Look at it and think of features that you have left out that you would want to see in your logo. On the other hand, what parts of the logo would you like done away with in the final design?

Get a good graphic design software

You may have a good logo design and sketch but have a bad final product simply because you never invested in a good graphic design software. The software you use to design your logos matters a lot. It determines the color quality that you can achieve, the contrast and also the brightness of the logo.

Incorporate popular graphics in your logo

Popular logos seem to have some graphics in common. A star for example, to show sparkle and glittering of the company has been in vogue for long. A globe is used to show that the business is world-wide and likes networking and is open to all ideas. For a good logo design, think of incorporating one of this graphics into it.

Do you need someone to design the logo?

If you are not good in designing logos and using the graphic design software installed on your computer, then it is maybe high time you decided to give an expert to design the logo for you. You could contact the tech support number for this. Though you may have to spend a few bucks on this exercise, it is worth the trouble. You surely do not expect your clients to be drawn to your business by a logo that looks shoddy and ill-designed.


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