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7 Ways to Create an Attractive Website Design

Organizing the overall content of the website is a key point to retain the visitors, considerably long time. So, there are important considerations to be made here is, being user-friendly for better readability. Here are the key points to learn how to create an attractive website design w.r.t. the content.

1. Content should be brief and specific to the keywords

It is the fact proven that the users have bird view and do not literally read the entire content on the web page. All they do is gather the smaller pieces of information. So, the content should be as brief as possible.

2. Allow users for quick scan

Skimmed browsing style could improve over 47% of usability according to the conducted research. According to this, the first words they read are quite important.

3. Arrange the content to be attractive

Readability and primary and secondary information are the two points to be considered while arranging multiple the entire content about the business or company.

4. Ensure spacing to be sufficient

Use the available space effectively, but don’t bombard with all the content once at the home page.

5. Right heads and sub-heads for the articles

Block reading is what the visitors do to cover the entire content of the web page. So, use proper headings and subheadings to transfer of the intended information.

6. Distinguish content with bullets and other formats

Content separated with tables, bold, italicized and bulleted would improve the readability of the content to a better extent.

7. Strategic placing of images

Each image you add must be credible and useable to the theme of the website.

About Author:-
Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with PixelCrayons, a reputed Custom web design & development company India offering offshore cms, ecommerce and mobile apps development services. For more information about PixelCrayons, visit at http://www.pixelcrayons.com/


  1. If a designer will be able to pull off all of these tips in one website, then I dont see what will be the problem. Thanks for sharing these tips!


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