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Facebook vs Google+ ... Which is better?

Facebook has been used for years and millions of users visit it daily. But now, it has a competitor that is compared head to head with this largest social media network. Google+ is the leading social network that is trying to beat Facebook in number of ways. But is that possible to beat Facebook? Are the rumors about Google + are true? Will it take the place of Facebook in the coming years? All these queries are disturbing audience and most of the people that are concerned about internet marketing solutions. Have a look at a statistical comparison between Facebook and Google+.

Statistical comparison between Facebook and Google+:

Facebook and Google can be compared in terms of their users per month, age and gender, social metrics and the number of daily visitors.

Facebook vs Google + shares

Facebook and Google + are compared by observing their Facebook shares and Google +1 shares and according to a research in university the new data has been presented. As shown below in mentioned picture that Facebook shares now grow 10% and Google+ share grows 19% per month. And it is expected that in 2016 Google+ will be a leading one.
Comparison Facebook and Google shares
Photo Credits : searchmetrics

Number of users

If we compare users of both of these special networks, we will see that Google+ has mostly young and male users whereas Users of Facebook are not restricted to gender. There are more diverse users and they have been a part of this network for years. Although the total number of users of Google+ seem large as 100M, but they are not making a large interactive audience due to less use of google.

User time per month

It is another comparable factor that is making Facebook more prominent. Number of users time per month on Facebook is much larger than the Google +. People do not think even to share a photo with their circles but they directly take pictures and upload them on Facebook. According to the statistical analysis; 405 minutes per month is the average user time per month recorded for Facebook and for Google it’s just 3 minutes.
Time spent - Facebook vs Google+
Photo Credits : techy


In terms of the business, Facebook offers a huge opportunity to market products and to promote business through community and brand pages. Almost 96% brands use Facebook whereas Google+ has only 61% brands . But Google is trying to use Google+ for promoting business as it has more control over sharing and searching. Now Google+ is just Geek based and the top brand using it are Android, Mashable and the Google chrome. On the other side, Facebook has hundreds of brands and the top one is Coca cola. These companies are making huge business through Facebook.

Both Google+ and Facebook are used by millions of users, but Facebook is the largest one and Google+ is enhancing its features and trying to overcome its drawbacks to become one of the largest Social media networks. Different experts have different reviews, but most of them are predicting that Google+ will one day take the place of Facebook. Do let us know your views in comments section

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  1. I think Google + more handy, when it comes e-commerce and marketing . Challenge for Google+ is to differentiate itself with Facebook. Circles, Hangout might be significant efforts. Moreover Google+ has assets of Google like adwords, youtube,.. so Google+ might get mightier with increasing active user and e-commerce marketing. Challenge before FB ,how it going to redefine itself to audience. Because Even FB needs to differentiate from the crowd to stay in Lead.