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Pinterest 9 Innovative Ways to Broadcast Your Business


Pinterest generates interest through visual attraction

Now, don't go about rolling your eyes like we just stated the obvious. What we mean is that the primary method of engagement has to be pictures that showcase your business and entice people to buy your products in a manner that is similar to wares placed in shop windows.
A picture says a thousand words - but are those the words YOU wanted the picture to say? If you are selling flower seeds and post a beautiful image of a flower bed, how do you know if people viewing it will not Google for 'Gardeners for hire' or even 'organic fertilizers'? There is, of course, the descriptive part of the picture in text where you can have your say, but it is a safe bet that the image part of your pin is what is going to generate the most interest, and reaction.

What is innovative?

As far as we are concerned, anything that makes you say 'why didn't I think of that before' or 'I knew that!' is innovative. Based on that premise, the First Innovative Way to broadcast your business is what we have already stated: Choosing Your Pins Well So That They Entice People to Buy. You should really have dedicated staff in place to brainstorm the ideal image strategy for your business - if you can get the right people and afford them too!

Let's move on to the remaining 9 innovative ways, then, starting with number two.

2. Begin With a Search

Search for people with interests similar to what you are offering. Once you create boards that should appeal to them, start following them. This is what will get you immediate attention and, possibly, re-pins. Re-pins are the lifeblood of Pinterest, and the more you get the better.

3. Refine the Results

After you have set up some boards to convey a general message about yourself and have followed, been followed, and got some re-pins, look at the situation (not necessarily at the Pinterest analytics) and see if you can identify distinct diversities in interests and whether you are equipped to cater to them. If you are selling flower seeds, and if you find that some people prefer annuals, others biennials, and still others go by colors of the flowers, you can set up different boards to cater to different tastes.

4. The Eternal How-To

These always work: the how to articles, videos, infographics (or simply a series of images) - and if you can create a 'How to' board, you are sure to draw a lot of followers and a very enthusiastic response towards your business. Maintain relevance, however; people may not know what to make of you if you pin a how to video on lawn mowing when you are selling designer paper bags.

5. Before We Forget...

Make sure you have the 'Pin It' button on your site and make sure also that there are enough professional quality images to pin!

6. Tell Them How You are Special

Do you sell custom products? Do you offer more discount than your competitors? Do you hold an annual sale? What is special about you? Have a board to showcase it and update it regularly. Again, choose the images you think will most entice your viewers to buy from you or, at least, visit your site or offline store.

7. What Kind of a Business are You?

Everyone loves a business that cares for its employees and maintains a healthy work atmosphere. Have a board that shows the inside of your business at its best. Show people how you contribute to society (if you don't, you certainly should), without bragging. Have a board for employee(s) of the month and with their consent, showcase the person behind the employee - with family photos, perhaps. These boards may not have re-pins, but they will certainly enhance your goodwill and improve your brand image.

8. Encourage Interaction

It is not easy to get people to talk on Pinterest. A community board where people with similar interests can interact should fill in this gap. However, be sure to moderate this kind of board carefully or things could spin out of control with a single unpleasant altercation amongst members. If you do this right, you will have something of a forum for your business with customers spreading the word about you to potential customers, and that can only mean good news for your business.

9. Innovative Testimonials

A testimonial board is always a good idea where your customers can post their own images or videos and talk about their experience. To make this even more interesting, you could use a cross-platform strategy by holding a contest on your blog or on Facebook. The prize could go to the most innovative testimonial of all. You could even choose the winner by vote. So, the contest remains off Pinterest, but people populate a specific board there to enter the contest.

Don't forget to check the terms and conditions of the social networks you are going to involve in any manner, but this is something that, when organized well, could really explode your traffic and give your business a huge exposure. Think on these 9 steps and implement them one at a time to notice a very clear difference in the growth of your business.

About Author:-
Ethan Hampton is team member at CJ Pony Parts. He takes keen interest in Writing on SEO, lead generation, social media and also on various topics of onpage and offpage optimization techniques.