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Collection of 10 Best Websites Presenting Amazing Navigation Design

Website Navigation design is counted in one of the most important aspects for excellent web design. Navigation assists user to get the desirable page. Therefore, it is a very significant element for the website. If navigation is not designed very well, then it will lead to the bad User Experience (UX). In addition, bad navigation will also cause awful users’ interest in the site. Hence, it is necessary to develop navigation with the pleasing design, so that it will not only help visitors to be directed to the desirable page but also amuse too.

Navigation can be deployed through various ways like with help of menu at the header, by providing text link or icon image and through the footer menu. Designing a good navigation needs various smart ideas, it should be amusing so that customer stick to the site and would like to explore every component of the page. To impart the smart ideas, this post presents the list of 10 websites that have implicated an amusing navigation design.

Let’s have a look at these websites with amazing navigation design


amazing website navigation design
Dataveyes has implemented simple menu layout with different color navigation and the simplest navigation labeling on the left side of the page. At the end of menu, there is scrolling feature that is also very interesting. In short, the complete implicated navigation design is very exhilarating and full of surprise.


amazing website navigation design
Acko has presented the portfolio in a minimalistic manner, but gives enchanting view to the page. The header menu with 3D logo directs reader to the “About” page, then there is simple back button at the top of about page, which traverse back to the home page. The overall layout is very nice and simple to understand.


amazing website navigation design
CSSChopper has effectively deployed the finest navigation design that is not only direct but also amuses the user . The superb labeling at the navigation makes it easy for user to understand the menu item behavior. In short, the navigation design is very user-friendly.


amazing website navigation design
HTMLPanda, a web development company has stunningly implemented the navigation design. The astonishing scroll down navigation at the heading page and amazing menu items with superb graphic effect has really been the eye-catching and exhilarating part of the site. On reaching this site, everyone wonders about magical effect of navigation design that has been implemented in the menu.


amazing website navigation design
No-Refresh.com has beautifully presented navigation design with icon at the top of the page and in the menu section, you can see menu design with minimalistic layout. That offers easy way for user to access desirable page.

Anet Design

amazing website navigation design
Anet Design has marvelously deployed navigation design over the text with stunning background. The tremendous coloring implemented in the site offers awesome experience to the visitors.


amazing website navigation design
75B has amazing implemented navigation feature with smart menu option that has horizontally divided the home page. The every section of the navigation is implicated with the horizontal scrolling that is really very innovative and demonstrates the simple approach for user to go for the desirable page.

La Moulade

amazing website navigation design
La Moulade has used the simplest design, but with the powerful and amazing theme. The super scrolling design tours the visitor around the whole site and tells the story about what and how the organization works in a beautiful manner.


amazing website navigation design
LBVD has innovatively implemented Tagging design with superb navigation features. The colorful text icon and images look very interesting and force user to get in with exploring more about the site.


amazing website navigation design
This site has smartly presented the whole story with great down vertical scrolling. The amazing design is very well crafted here. It gives the smooth and pleasing experience for the user while interacting.

Hope that you are very well inspired with this amazing collection. Good navigation can improvise the visitor to your site and hence boom the visibility in the search engine ranking. Navigation design should be the simple one and very informative.

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Author Bio:
David Meyer is the finest developer, working in leading web industry CSSChopper. He has contributed a lot of innovative knowledge through amazing blogs.

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