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The Simple Yet Catchy Political Ad Campaign for BJP

India is largest democracy in the world, they say. True! But what is the condition of politics here today? The elections in India are round the corner. The general election will be held in nine phases, the longest election in the country's history. With various serious issues in front of India, this election is supposed to be the key of change in government. As we know, in India’s history, Common Man has always been the USP for political promotions. Every now & then, political parties have aimed common man to get votes. But for ad agencies, it could be quite difficult to get in tune with politics & please common man through their advertising. But not with this latest campaign of BJP has broadcasted. So here is the the simple yet catchy political ad campaign for BJP.

These ads talk about various social issues in India such as woman empowerment, unemployment, electricity shortage, dearness & so on. The main catchy point of them is their simplicity. Let’s see how.

The first commercial talks about women’s security. In this ad, a lady is talking about her daughter. She has educated her daughter so that she could stand high in her life. She has even sent her daughter to bigger city for job. But is her daughter safe in the city? With woman harassment, rapes, kidnapping stories going on everywhere lets her think that if government is sleeping & if she has done any mistake by sending her daughter for a job? Why Government does not do anything about women’s security? And she says, “Public will never forgive Government who does not give security to woman.” In the last, the tagline “Ab ki bar, Modi Sarkar” (“This time, Modi Government”) shows up & it ends. Yes, seems simple yet influencing & catchy!

The second one talks about dearness. The woman in this commercial talk about exceeding prices of oil, petrol, diesel etc. She asks that if these prices keep rising all the time, what would she give to future generation & how shall they survive. At the last, she says, “Public will never forgive Government who exceeds dearness even in daily needs.” In the last, the tagline shows up & it ends. Again, simple yet catchy!

The third commercial talks about unemployment. Ad starts with a youth talking about people teasing him since he sits all the day idly. The youth asks if government has given him a job to do. He feels sad about his condition. He tells us he is ready to take up a job but also asks if they are providing one.And in the last he says, “Public will never forgive Government who lets the youth be unemployed.”

The fourth & final commercial is about electricity shortage India facing. The commercial starts with a villager talking about how in his village, there is no electricity for purposes such as to fetch water& irrigation for farmers & they had to waste their money on diesel for such things. Now he seeks answer to his question, “Why should our children study when the bungalows in the city dazzle with lights all the night?” At the last, he says, “Public will never forgive Government who cannot supply electricity in proper manner for 24 hours.” Again, the less is more! Simple becomes catchy.

So all these commercials talk about simplicity in offbeat way! The characters are not some high society people but the common men. Because the ultimate target group is common man too. Surely, advertisers could learn a thing or two with the help of this campaign!