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Housing.com – The Best Way to Find Your Dream Home Online

Gone are days when you had to approach brokers in order to get an apartment or villas in a region, to which you are moving. In this world of internet, internet itself has awesome solutions for you for almost every task. And, that list of tasks includes finding your dream home as well! Wait before you head to somewhere else – we are not here to have a usual talk about such real estate listing websites, which often prove to be insufficient & utterly useless! Rather, we are going to have a review of a revolutionary platform for house hunting – Housing.com, one of the superb start-ups from India. In this review, we will give you an introduction about Housing.com, how actually becomes revolutionary, and our opinion about this template-breaking venture by IIT Alumni.

housing.com real estate portal

What is actually meant by Housing.com?

As we said, Housing.com is the brand new way of finding your way to dream home you are looking for! In a way, this website helps users find apartments, villas, hostels, Paying Guest vacancies, plots, etc that are available for purchase or rent. For the time being, service of Housing.com is available in 26 major cities of India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. However, Housing.com does not simply list out information regarding real estate deals in a specific region but it offers plethora of features. Indeed, those features are what make Housing.com a revolutionary platform when it comes to online real estate portals of World Wide Web. However, to understand things in a better way, we’ll have a look on, how a user can make use of Housing.com to find the BEST home.

Finding your Dream Home through Housing.com

Well, suppose you are a house for rent in Bangalore, and want to find the best choice that suits your budget! You’ve to follow some simple steps when you are using Housing.com to do so. First, you have to select Bangalore from that thumbnail set of cities shown in home page of Housing.com. In the upcoming page, you can see a search engine. For moving on with your search, you have to select what you are looking for. For the time being, we have to select ‘Rent’ and type the region, in which you want to find apartments or houses that are available for rent. Hit enter and wait a few seconds for Housing.com to bring you the best results. And, from here, you know how different Housing.com is.

Noticeable Features of Housing.com

featured of housing.com

Verified Listings – A Golden Feather of Credibility

One of the major problems of list-based real estate deals website is lack of credibility of given information. You’ll get interested in a deal you find, contact the corresponding person, and find out that the property has already been sold out. However, through Housing.com, you will not have such an issue, because there is a verification feature in it that ensures credibility of information displayed in site. Staff from Housing.com will visit each listing and confirm that the property has all sorts of offered services and features. Thus, if you see a ‘Verified’ sign with listing you are interested, do not think twice, but contact the property owner to start your way to dream home.

Map & Grid Based View

Rather than showing results in a list, you have an option to view matching deals inside a map so that you will be able to know more about that apartment, hostel or villa as well as its surroundings. Otherwise, you can see results as grid as well. In both cases, however, you can get more information about that particular listing by clicking on it. Indeed, this variety of choices is a noticeable advantage to the simple UI of Housing.com. In both options, you can get a brief idea about listings in the first glance itself.

Filters that you’d love to Use

Unlike rest of portals, variety of filters has been made available in Housing.com to make the selection process easy. For instance, if you are looking for a flat for rent, you can set filters based on furnishing, lease type, facilities such as Parking, Lift, flat facilities, number of bed rooms etc, along with price range. In addition, ‘Subscribe’ feature of site is quite helpful if you cannot find the appropriate deal right now. You can post requirements and you will be notified, when there is a deal matching those requirements. So with this amazing filters, Housing.com is one of the best real estate portal present on World Wide Web currently.

Bottom Line

While recalling above mentioned features, one can hardly say a ‘NO’ towards Housing.com, because of its innovative yet effective way of helping users find their dream homes. Especially, we liked the ‘Verifying’ feature of Housing.com that helps users to be less confused about that deal. Altogether, Housing.com undoubtedly becomes tomorrow’s way of finding homes!