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How to Design a Successful Web App Walkthrough

Each one of us has interacted with at least a single web app walkthrough at some or the other point. Some of us actually require and enjoy these walkthroughs whereas most of us simply skip them. So, how can the web startups decide whether their applications require a guide or how to they design a successful web app walkthrough that captivates the users?

Does Your Web App Require a Walkthrough?

Before actually designing a guide the first question that arises is does your web app requires it? This is one of the most basic questions one must think upon because we have come across several applications that should have walkthrough but don’t and some that have them but shouldn’t. > Like if you consider example of some food ordering web app or some top listing blog, then eventually you need to take care of web app walkthrough. So understanding this question will actually help you save or spend some money on designing the guide to your web app.

Considering the Design

Companies often spend some quality time in designing their web applications. However, when it comes to walkthroughs, they are quite skeptical in investing further more time designing it.

A walkthrough though designed after the web app, becomes the face and the introduction of your entire application. Hence, a poor designed guide can give your users a bad experience and create a negative review about your application. So, if your web app is going to have a walkthrough, make sure that it’s designed in sync with your application and gives user an amazing experience.

Use of Animation and Graphics

Create an aura with some good animation and graphics that would engage your users and explain all the functionalities of your web app. Often the use of good images helps in holding down the users to use and learn more about the application. Moreover, the walkthrough that animates and jumps from one slide to another gives a wonderful experience and also looks well thought out.

Making Walkthroughs Interactive

The walkthroughs are supposed to teach the users all the functionalities of the application and thus are expected to be interactive. One of the best ways to make your application guides interactive is by pursuing people to use it. Give the users a small tutorial that will first teach them the use of the app and then make them use it on the walkthrough itself. If done correctly, the interactive walkthroughs can get people excited about using your application.

Giving an Opportunity to Skip

Not all users like to get trained on something and most prefer to try out the features all by themselves. Considering such users your walkthrough must have an easy skip option that will help them skip the guide and transfer them to the application dashboard. You can even make these skip options look creative by offering buttons with a smart copy or a simple ‘X’ button on the top right corner of the app. Many a times a smart copy on the buttons like ‘I’m Smart! Take me to the Application’, does its charm and makes the users use the walkthrough.

Hope the above points clear all your doubts on how to design a successful web app walkthrough. Considering these factors before designing your application guide will help you make it more worthy, interactive and user friendly.